SoundCloud for Artists – some smart strategies to get popular

SoundCloud remains as one of the top music streaming apps in the world after 13 years of its introduction. It remains as the centre for underground music. Artists aim at releasing their music on SoundCloud in order to get more exposure. Artists also have the option to become pro-SoundCloud users where via a paid subscription they have more options when it comes to using SoundCloud.

On SoundCloud, there are a lot of factors such as likes, plays, reposts and followers. Since the introduction of other music apps like Apple Music and Spotify, the process to get more followers on SoundCloud has become slightly difficult for artists on SoundCloud. This has led to the availability of being able to buy SoundCloud plays.

Getting more popular on SoundCloud

Here are a few pointers that you should know if you aim at being a SoundCloud Artist

  • When it comes to releasing your music on SoundCloud there are a few basic points that you must consider. Before thinking about releasing a song, make sure that the quality of your song is good since the better the quality of the song, the more people would want to listen to it. This is followed by putting good and attractive album art. Your song’s album art can help in getting a number of listeners and followers on your SoundCloud account. 
  • Before releasing the song on SoundCloud, you have the description bar, along with the song name section and the tags selection. Make sure that you fill them the right way. After writing down the name of your song, take advantage of the description section where you can write the meaning of the song or the process behind writing the song, or you could add the lyrics of your song in the section for the users to follow when they’re listening to your song. You can also use hashtags in order to get more followers to listen to your song. Use hashtags according to the genre of your song which can help attract more people to listen to your song.
  • Next, come to your marketing and promotion strategy. When your song is out on SoundCloud, spend a few weeks sharing your song. Use social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and other apps where you can share your song to a larger extent. Followed by this getting reposts on your song can help your song get more likes and followers. Sending your music to playlist curators and bloggers can help you in getting more exposure. Often music blogs can lead to newer people coming across your music but often they may not reply to your messages, which is why you must keep trying to get in touch with these bloggers. 
  • Now that you can buy SoundCloud plays and followers from websites SubscriberZ you can get more likes and plays on your music instantly. Via a simple online transaction, you can buy the desired amount of likes which will help your account get more growth and exposure and avoid any kind of online fraud. 

These are a few factors that can help you get more followers on SoundCloud along with more growth and exposure.