SonecaGuadara- a woman who fought all odds to taste success: Time Business News TBN

There is no limit on age, time, or stage of life to embrace success and become popular. It is all about how one learns to find an opportunity in the least possible scenario. Meet SonecaGuadara- a popular fashion stylist from New Jersey. She goes by her brand ‘Style by Soneca’ and has earned a reputation of being a certified fashion stylist. From a high school history teacher to a popular name in the business of fashion, SonecaGuadara has had a long and interesting journey.


Born in New York City, Soneca grew up in Miami, Florida and later moved to New Jersey. She was also titled Mrs. Bergen County and ran for Mrs. New Jersey pageant with the purpose of advocating for children with special needs. Being a mother of a child with special needs, she realized how important it was to have a platform and address such concerns which can help both parents and children of such families. She even served at the St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Committee for more than a decade. But her philanthropic side was always complemented with her creative streak.


Soneca kept pursuing her dreams in spurts. She started a home accessory store called Romanza which ran from 2000 to 2004. But her journey into the world of fashion started much later and happened quite naturally. One summer, with her children away on a camp, she decided to do something for herself and make use of the time. She enrolled herself for a week-long class at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She enjoyed the program so much that few classes led to a few more and she eventually completed a course in Fashion Styling. Within two years, Soneca graduated with a certificate in Fashion Styling. Little did she know that something that started as an interesting hobby would become a foundation for her future success!


With her professional training and her natural creativity, Soneca acquired significant projects in fashion. She worked for New York Fashion Week as a wardrobe dresser, as well as with prominent names in fashion like Talbot Runhof, Mindy Le Brock, and Katie Mossman. Soon, she turned her experiences into expertise and established herself as a style writer. She started her own blog and brand called Style by Soneca which talks about mixing styles and reinventing the regular wardrobe. The continues her blog along with contributing to regular fashion columns in publications like BCthemag, Hubb Fashion, and Vrai Magazine. Her eye for the finest details and unique creativity has made her an accomplished stylist and a fashionista.


For a woman in her 40s and a mother of four children, it was not easy for Soneca to juggle her career, personal life, parenthood, and home. But her responsibilities never let her take a step back and she balanced it all, fighting against all odds and making Soneca Guadara a successful name in the world of fashion.


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