Somiar footwear is the new trendsetter in the shoe market, in a span of just a few years they have revived the nearly dead boot market by bringing new and innovative designs into the fairly conventional boot, they have created masterpieces such as the LU boot, the legend boot, and the winged Valdez which have been highly praised by their costumers, they also claim that their shoes last longer than any of their competitors and they have a story to explain why they decided to make their shoes the most durable shoes in the market

Growing up in North Philadelphia, maternal cousins Josean Cruz (founder) and Emmanuel Hernandez (co-founder), were raised with a common passion for sneakers. They compared their sneakers and were taught to really care for their shoes and sneakers to make them last, but also because monetary funds were scarce for their family. They recall receiving one pair of sneakers per school year and making them last throughout the year, as well as handing down sneakers, once they grew out of them. As they transitioned into their adult lives Emmanuel and Josean attended an Emergency Medical Technician course, where they met Somiar’s co-founder, Hector Hernandez. Throughout their friendship and partnership, their common ground was their love for sneakers and developed to shoes and boots, until they found that styles were limited to their preferences and costs were far too high. Although coming from the same place and same values the three founders were very different in their likes for fashion, so they developed Somiar. They utilized Somiar to create versatile shoes and boots, each pair having their likeness for specific designs and styles, yet able to be worn differently. They embedded their childhood values of longevity, quality, and reliability in their designs and centralizing their customers at the root of their work. This led to them making the most durable shoes in the market today.


Another thing about somiar is their huge success in such little time this is according to their claim that they have something for every occasion or mood, their shoes and boots have patterns like no other and the way they create them is also very distinctive from all the other shoemakers.another reason for their sucess is that In the USA people tend to go for the trendiest brands, nowadays the shoe market is filled with designer shoes and shoes that are hyped by celebrities, Somair is trying to break that cycle by going old school, they are making a leather shoe comeback with their boots and shoes, Somair is trying to target all sorts of people, with their line of leather boots they want to bring back the class of the old times and fusing it with the artsy styling of today, it is kind of like the fusion of the past with the present. Somair has a shoe or boot for every mood or occasion, Somair is also bringing affordability back as well, their boots are relatively very affordable compared to the market, Somair’s co-founders Josean Cruz and Emmanuel Hernandez had humble beginnings and couldn’t afford to buy new shoes and sneakers, they only got one pair of shoes for a whole year and they had to make them last, so longevity and reliability was also a main focus for them,


Somiar’s marketing strategy is to deliver the “dream” shoe; the shoe that goes with every article of clothing, versatile, no matter the life event and gives you the comfort, and longevity you seek. There are no corners cut, no short routes for manifesting these shoes. From the very box the shoes come in, to the laces, and stitching, each facet of our shoes was precisely chosen to vow our dependability, style, and quality in each pair of shoes crafted. In a world of poorly made shoes, “be the “diamond in the rough” with Somiar” is their tagline.