SomePointers ForEffectively Using Time Tracking In Your Business

IT service providers make their living by selling the time of the workers who collaborate with clients on projects. Thus, project-based time tracking—the process of keeping track of the hours worked on a customer’s project—is essential.

Project-based time monitoring, however, is frequently difficult to implement. Here are some guidelines that, in our opinion, are crucial for implementing project-based Jiratime tracking.

Time TrackingSolely For The Sake Of Jira Time Tracking

The main responsibility of your staff is to prioritize your clients and provide company value. Simply put, keeping track of your time is necessary for business operations. Your time recording policy’s level of detail and substance should be determined by your business’s objectives. If you insist on keeping track of things minute by minute, you will, at best, get “creative” timesheet entries.

To make the most of your time tracking technology, it is critical to have a set of guidelines. The following guidelines worked well and practically for us:

  1. Keep an exact 15-minute time log.
  2. The last day of the work week is the deadline for tracking timesheet entries. Employees should ideally keep daily time logs.
  3. Breaks, personal phone calls, etc. that last under 15 minutes are not needed to be recorded.
  4. Work completed outside of the office is considered regular work time (e.g. phone call with a customer on a private mobile phone). Marking those hours as “Work done at home” is helpful, though.
  5. How to measure journey time should be clear to everyone.

Keep Track Of Your Time Consistently! Keep A Running Time Log.

It is required in Jira for employers to keep track of their employees’ attendance. If you choose to implement project-based time tracking, you should go all the way and track both billable and non-billable hours. You run the danger of losing billable hours disguised as administrative labor if you treat them differently from those that are chargeable. We settled on these guidelines:

  • All timesheet entries need to have start and end times. Further, input an informative text for your timesheet entries. Descriptions like “administrative tasks” do not allow conclusions about whether the task hides billable hours.
  • Create individual projects and tasks in accordance by treating your administrative job like a traditional project. Then, you may see a significant administrative effort.
  • Internal projects must be handled like clients’ projects. On those internal projects, workers ought to be able to monitor their own progress. Then, you can evaluate whether the real effort put forth on an internal project is greater than the amount you had planned.

Automated Procedures Over Manual Ones

The automation of manual procedures is a crucial success component, regardless of the size of your business. You can avoid mistakes, save time, and foster growth via automation.

After each month, neither you nor your management team should be involved in gathering timesheet data that is dispersed across numerous Excel sheets. Ensure that the guidelines that you and your team have established are supported by the time tracking software. It is best to use a single integrated solution for time tracking. Allowing several separate time monitoring solutions and then consolidating the data hasn’t worked well for us.

Automate reporting and execute it frequently. A decent time tracking solution will give interfaces to easily interchange data with specialist reporting tools or will offer some reporting capabilities.

Automate and standardize the billing process. Regardless of whether it is billing or distributing the invoice to its receivers. For each stage of the billing process, specialized tools and services are available. These technologies are typically affordable, and by using them, you free up valuable resources that would be better used in other ways. The “not invented here” mentality should not be believed.

Concluding Lines:

After knowing the pointers mentioned above, we hope that you will start thinking of using time tracking software for your company.