Somebody Somewhere: 7 Tips to Gain Customers After a Business Relocation

However big, however beautiful, however good your business is and looks like, without customers, what’s the profit? One of the risks in starting up and working out a business is whether people will come for your products and services. It’s about getting back and getting more than the money you put out for that business’ birth and envisioned success. That’s why starting a business is no joke. 

But what about attracting new people to trust your business and what about gaining customers after relocating? Well, it’s something else. Of course, if you’ve been an existing business for some time now, you surely have some, if not many, customers already. If for some reason, you decide on business relocation, it’s another challenge to magnetize potential customers, but it’s not impossible!

To help you with that, below are 7 tips that you should take into consideration!


You cannot deny how people are drawn to places that look interesting and pleasing! Visuals catch eyes, thus, catch attention! And that’s what you initially need as a new business in the location you transferred to. 

Work on making your business’ visual features more appealing and inviting that people will not be able to resist their curiosity to enter. It’s alright to be catchy through bright and numerous colors, yet being minimalistic but eye-catching is also loved by many!

If you have a business which is leaning more on the corporate side, you might not be able to put a lot of flashy decorations, but you can make the visuals more appropriate to the industry you belong to. You can design with related subjects. 

If you don’t think too many decorations are suitable for your business, then just focus on keeping your place very clean and bright. Potential clients will be impressed to find comfort in a new business such as yours then!


It doesn’t matter if digital has taken over almost everything people do; you can still put the prints out! Don’t be hesitant to have tarpaulins and posters printed to promote your business in the new site. You can place them outside your building or shop, so people passing by can be informed. Also, you can hang them on other places where people walk by. Give them directions, so if ever they find it interesting, they can just head to your business’ location without difficulty. 

Even though flyers and tracks seem rejected most of the time, you will never know when one or more people who accepted your prints will actually read and be curious. Having a business involved taking risks, so might as well, do what you think would help regardless if they might seem ineffective in other people’s eyes and opinions.

Remember, in this digital age, prints still have a significant place. Actually, they always do. Print is not dead. Let it work for your business!


People get automatically magnetized when they see posters that say “Sale!”, “70% off!”, “Buy 1, Take 1” and the like. Well, who does not want it when you will be able to brush off expensive regular prices, and buy products and/or services for discounted prices, right? Use that strategy because it works without a doubt! 

Furthermore, freshly opened businesses, even if the reason is business relocations, are expected to give prices discounts or freebies to some of their first customers and clients. 


Get to know the existing business in the new location you are moving into. If there’s a chance to do so, discuss and work on a collaboration with them. Although it will certainly take a lot of time and agreements to deal with, it’s a very wise strategy to get people in the place to know your business exists.

It’s a business between businesses. Of course, the other company will say yes if they will also benefit, unless they are just very friendly to help you be acknowledged. It doesn’t matter if you still seem to be the “little one” yet in your collaboration. You will get to the “big” you’re supposed to be in. With the help of another business that surely came from the bottom, you can be successful in your new location. 


How about taking this business thing in a friendlier way? Make new friends in the business location’s neighborhood. It’s not you will just befriend them to convert them as your client, but take the chance that when you meet someone there, find out if they might be interested to become your client or even to help you gain customers. Who knows what good may happen! 


News and gossip fly quickly because people talk about them. Imagine how productive you would be also if you talk about your business, so people will discover it! Talk about it when you’re with your own family and friends, and let the rest of your company do that too. Well, it does not have to be scripted and pushy. Just be naturally and kindly intentional about making your business one under the spotlights within your new location. That can take you far heights indeed! 


You know how social media presence is a huge key nowadays because online is where people are staying most of the time! 

If you already have an active Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account and/or any other social media business account, that would be easier for you to advertise your new location. You can just post an update that you will be moving to another place. 

Meanwhile, if you don’t have yet, then it’s the time for you to create yours. Today, people gain much of their awareness about the world through social media. Of course, as one of those people, it’s a must to always beware that not everything you see online is true. That’s why it’s important to gain online verification and reliability as a business. 

Being present online is one of the best ways to never go out of date in this day and age. Let your business be known online.


Somebody Somewhere

Relocating a business is a big decision to make, especially if you’re not yet a famous name or brand. There are many adjustments you will be bound to deal with. It’s a risk that can give you bad outcomes if you will not be clever but can lead to good results if you just know what to do and what to avoid.

Business relocations are possible and are important relative to your reason for doing so. Don’t forget to always focus on what people will be interested in and on where they need assistance in ways you can offer them help. Somebody else somewhere else can be your customer. 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. She also writes for Specific Relocations, a company providing quality commercial logistics, business relocations and furniture, fixtures and equipment management services to all industries for more than 50 years now. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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