Some Working Tips for Tyre Storage

The majority of car owners or drivers prefer to change their seasonal tyres with a change in the season. When you switch to either the summer or winter tyres, you need to focus on the storage of the off-season set of Cheap Tyres Manchester too.

The efficient features of your tyres may get deteriorated if they are not stored or handled properly. Their life span can get shorter. During their storage period, they get deteriorated to such an extent that you can’t use them anymore. But, you will save money as well if you store them properly.

These simple tips would let you store your tyres efficiently to maintain their durability:


Before storing your tyres, you need to clean them using a tyre brush, water, and some detergent. This will eradicate all the dust and grime collected in the tyre during its use. If you are going to store tyres mounted on the wheels, you need to clean the wheels too. You must ensure that the tyre and wheel are dry before moving to the next step.

 Put them in a Bag

You need to find a well-fit, airtight, and large bag for your tyres. The bag must not contain any moisture and even small traces of air needs to be removed from it before tapping it shut. The oil from the tyre won’t get evaporated due to airtight bags. You can also use the tyre totes or storage caddies. Tyre transportation and storage gets easier with these. They also keep the tyres free of dust and grime. But, they are not airtight. If you are using them, you need to put the tyres in an airtight bag first and then store them in the tote. 

Dressing Not Needed

Rather than action, inaction is required in the next step. Before storing, you need not use any kind of gloss or dressing on your tyres. The compounds used in the tyres are meant to resist various environmental stress and cracking. Thus, using gloss or similar products may hamper the tyre rather than increasing its durability.

Pick Location

You must not store the tyres openly during warm or cold weather. You can’t cover them in layers. Your location must be such that it is far away from direct sun, cool, ventilated moderately, and dry. Some climate-controlled space or your garage can be ideal. You must shield the tyres from any heat source (if present) in the storage location. Many attics, sheds, and garages face humidity, precipitation, and temperature changes. You must avoid such places.

Far Away From Direct Sun

Your tyre rubber can get devastated by the heat and UV rays from the Sun. Thus, the location of your tyre storage must be away from the direct Sun.

White Rubber Protection

Does your tyre contain any white parts or white walls? If you are not storing your tyres in the bag, you must store the tyres in such a way that the white part of each tyre touches other tyre’s white parts and black touches the black. This is because the black portion on the white part has a different compound as compared to the black rubber on another part. For preventing the migration of the oil from the black to white areas, a non-staining layer of black rubber is used on the white side of the tyre. Oil migration causes discolouration. Standard rubber is used in the black sidewall. The tyre must be stored in white to white and black to black manner so the rubber stays intact and new. 

Avoid Exposure to Chemical

Ozone is the major chemical to avoid as it damages the tyres. Ozone is generated by electric motors using contact brushes. These include:

  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Switches
  • Furnaces
  • Central vacuum cleaners
  • Sump pumps

Any of the below items must not be present in your tyre storage area:

  • Lubricants
  • Fuels
  • Solvents

Hang, Stack, and Stand

These are the three tyre storage options:

  • Hanging them up on racks or hooks
  • Stacking on their sides
  • Upright Standing

Standing is the appropriate option as less stress is put on the Continental Tyres Manchester. If you go for stacking, you must not stack extremely high. Stacking is usually preferred when tyres have been mounted on the rims. Hanging the tyres from hooks or racks is another good option. The unmounted tyres must not be hanged as this will damage and distort the tyres.