Some tips to manage risks of tree trimming

Tree trimming is a process that is focused primarily on aesthetics (i.e., to make art out of it, to make it beautiful). Tree trimming is done to maintain the tree’s desired appearance and shape. When trimming, if you are not careful, you may have accidents. That’s why in today’s guide, we’ll be teaching you some tips to manage risks of tree trimming. 

What hazards are associated with tree trimming?

Now, you know what tree trimming is, the next question would be the hazards that come with it, so you know how to properly guide yourself against them. The hazards one can encounter include:

  • Falling objects.
  • Cuts and punctures from tree branches.
  • Reactions from poisonous plants and stinging or biting from ants, wasps, bees, etc.
  • You could trip or slip while trimming.
  • Cuts and punctures from tree branches.

Tips to manage the risk of tree trimming 

When you start trimming a tree, several accidents can happen, such as a branch falling on you or a spike from the tree entering your eyes, etc. Well, you don’t have to worry because we promised you some helpful tips and they are:

Identify what can cause harm

Before you begin the trimming process, observe the entire workplace and identify things that can cause harm. Things you can include within your observation range include your physical work environment, materials, equipment, etc.

Assess the risk

Sometimes things that can cause harm can be readily seen and other times you may have to carry out a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of a person being harmed and how serious the harm could be. Risk assessments are important because they help you determine the next course of action to take.

Control the risk

Always check if the hazard can be completely removed. An example of controlling the risk is, taking the work off the ground, this eliminates the risk of tripping and falling.

If you cannot eliminate the risk, you can try to substitute the hazard with something safer.

Check control measures

You should regularly carry out checks to ensure that the controls you set in place to minimize risks are still working and that every other thing is also working according to plan.

There you have it! The tips outlined above can be used to manage risks during tree trimming.

At this point, you can agree with me that tree trimming is not something anyone who is experienced enough or isn’t ready to put into practice the tips outlined above should do. If you just realized that you might need help trimming your tree and you reside in Sydney (a state in Australia), then things just got easier for you because you can easily hire the services of experts that concerns themselves with tree removal in Sydney. Doing this lifts the burden of having to constantly worry about controlling all the risks while trimming because these experts have undergone training and have years of experience so they now know how to safely carry out the task. If you haven’t hired one yet, do so today.

Jennifer Alex

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