Some tips to fly with Delta Airlines?

Delta Air Lines did a merger with Northwest almost a decade ago and became the largest airline in the world. After some time the title was claimed by Americans which did its merger with US Airways. But Delta is still one of the largest airlines in the world and there are many people who prefer traveling by Delta air lines. Delta’s service will vary depending on the destinations, routes and in which class you are flying.

Delta Airlines

Now below are some tips that one should check-out before flying and doing Delta Air lines reservations:-

  • As Delta shares codeshare agreement with many airlines such as Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, GOL, or WestJet and it is also a member of SkyTeam alliance which includes airlines like Korean Air, KLM, Air France, and Aeromexico, Delta sells tickets all around the world covering many major destinations and tourist places. Due to this, the passengers get confused sometimes because they usually purchase the Delta flight tickets and at the booking date they get to fly with a different airline. So at the time of Delta Reservations, it is recommended to closely look the flight details before confirming your tickets.
  • Basic Economy Class of Delta:- To compete with the ultra-low-cost airlines like Frontier and Spirit Delta introduced the Basic Economy class. It’s the first airline in the United States to introduce the Basic Economy Class. Now there is a very small difference between Standard Economy and Basic Economy. You can carry a standard-sized plus one personal item along with you in the Basic Economy Class. The only difference between the Standard and Basic Economy classes is that you do not get a seat assignment until you check-in. If you do the Delta Airlines Reservations for Basic Economy then there will be no upgrades or changes allowed in your Delta Flight bookings and you will be the last one in the boarding group.
  • You can do the check-in 24 hours prior to the flight departure. You can either print your boarding pass or else go for the eBoarding pass which is available at certain airports. You can also do the Check-in with Delta airline app. You will get an alert from Delta prior to 24 hours of your flight departure time.
  • For any information related to your flight, you can contact Delta either by visiting their website or by contacting them on their Delta Airlines reservations number.