Some Things to Know When it comes to Choose your Wig after a Chemotherapy Treatment

A chemotherapy treatment often has the side effects of causing hair to fall out and weakening the hair system…. During this period of treatment we support you.

What does the price of a wig depend on?

The price of a wig is linked to several criteria:

– Whether the hair is natural or synthetic.

– If the wig is machine-assembled, by hand or even mixed assembly.

– Depending on the quality of synthetic hair, because there are several kinds.

– Depending on the quality of the natural hair (100% natural, Remy Hair treated, Color …). But don’t worry! Today you can easily find a high quality natural headband wig without paying too much.

When will my hair fall out and how?

Hair usually falls out 15 to 20 days after the first injection of chemotherapy or 15 to 20 days after your first radiation session (if your doctor has told you that there will be hair loss with your treatment of course). This fall does not happen in a day but gradually and the more the days pass the more it is seen. We strongly advise you to anticipate your choice of wig and scarves to reassure yourself. So you won’t find yourself in a rush to choose a wig that doesn’t really suit your lifestyle.

Being daily confronted with this situation, we advise you to shave the hair as soon as the loss begins and to avoid this unpleasant period which can last for several days.

Be careful, use a trimmer but not a razor so as not to cut the skin of the scalp, which is very thin, especially during this period when your immune defenses are weak.

The loss of hair (and other body hair) is caused by the fact that, like cancer cells, the cells of the hair follicles divide rapidly and the chemotherapy working on these cells leads to hair weakening and loss.

You can also lose eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic hair and for men beard hair. Hair loss can vary depending on the treatment, the molecules … for more information ask your oncologist.

I wear long hair, I am advised to cut it short, what should I do?

Cutting your hair short when it is long is not easy and especially not mandatory! Most of the time, we advise our clients to choose their wig first and especially to see if they want to go for a shorter look or not. We always recommend human hair wigs from as they always provide tons of human hair wigs in various styles.

When the choice is a shorter wig then why not go for the same cut as your wig?

You and those around you will get used to your new haircut before switching to the wig. On the other hand, when you want to maintain your length by choosing a long hair prosthesis, we recommend that you wait for the onset of hair loss and cut very short at that time. If you decide to put on a refrigerated helmet, know that it will be much more effective if you have short hair. Whatever the advice, you are the one to decide!

Advice before, during and after the fall

From the first chemotherapy your hair is weakened. We must therefore avoid attacking them. We advise you to:

– wash them gently with a mild shampoo

– no longer coloring (oxidation or coloring without ammonia)

– and dry your hair in cold air

Scalp sensitivity may appear 1 to 2 days before the onset of hair loss, but this is not systematic. This sensitivity lasts a few days and disappears.

When the fall begins, we advise you to cut your hair very short (the ideal, but often difficult to do, is to shave with a clipper but especially not with a razor, to avoid the cut while you have immune defenses weak).

But of course preparing everything with quality wigs like these body wave wigs will give you more flexibility to maintain your appearance. If you find this article useful, feel free to share this on your social media. Thank you for reading!