Some Successful Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs You Should Be Aware Of

Affiliate schemes for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide a potent approach to monetizing your crypto-specific audience. Whether you manage a well-known blog, news website, YouTube channel, or Twitter account, crypto affiliate networks can generate a steady income that you can bank on for weeks, months, and occasionally even years.

Sadly, there are a huge number of programs available. Therefore, much time must be spent searching for the best candidates. Thankfully, the difficult work has already been done by us for you! We’ve scoured the internet for the Best Crypto Referrals and top bitcoin affiliate programs available for countless hours. This manual presents our conclusions.

Top Affiliate Programs for Crypto

·        CoinLedger

The most popular bitcoin tax software available is called CoinLedger. Connect your exchanges and wallets, and CoinLedger can quickly calculate your taxes. Then, use the created forms to file your taxes using your favourite programmes, such as TaxAct or TurboTax, or email them to a tax expert.

As per now, CoinLedger is recommended to its audience by hundreds of affiliates since it is a reputable company and a useful and professional tool that every cryptocurrency trader will eventually want. Some affiliates have made over $60,000 in commissions by promoting this tool.

Through this programme, affiliates are eligible for recurring commissions of 25%.

·        HaasOnline

One of the most famous automatic trading systems for experienced traders is HaasOnline, which has a track record dating back to 2014. HaasOnline functions as a trading bot, much as Cryptohopper, and can execute profitable trades on your behalf automatically. Over 22 exchanges are supported by the instrument, which may be used to trade on each.

The affiliate programme for HaasOnline is also fiercely competitive. It has so far given more than $1,216,962 to the affiliates advertising its goods. You should check out this affiliate programme if you want to market products to a group of cryptocurrency traders.

·        SimpleSwap

The SimpleSwap team certainly lives up to its name by providing an easy-to-use immediate crypto trading platform. Customers can exchange 500+ cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Additionally, signing up for the service is free! The platform also makes it simple for affiliate partners to advertise. You will be subject to a 0.4% income share with a 30-day cookie life by simply putting a referral link or banner. In addition, they provide up to a 2% customizable partners fee for widgets and API. Because of the low withdrawal threshold, an extensive selection of web applications and cryptocurrencies, a quick partner registration process, and lack of pre-approval, people like the SimpleSwap Affiliate Program.

·        CoinRule

More and additional individual investors are buying and selling cryptocurrency, constantly searching for more automated trading tools to help them out. With the help of the platform CoinRule, you may create coding-free automated trading solutions.

Over 150 rules, including stop loss, trend rebalancing, daily top performance, and more, are available for you to choose from.

Affiliates can earn 20% recurring commissions on plans through CoinRule, the  Best Crypto Referrals


That’s all for now. We will keep an eye out for different bitcoin affiliate programmes, and we’ll update this article as we find them. So, make sure to come back occasionally. Also, don’t forget to contact us if you own a bitcoin affiliate program. We’ll happily review it and add it to this blog post if it’s good enough.