Some quirky ideas for your bathroom for storage and to add fresh energy

The bathroom is that private and special corner of your house where you want to do many things but can be afraid of going overboard with your overzealous self. But there are ways to deck it up to enhance its functional and aesthetic value. You may wonder what it is about; well, most people don’t use the space in their bathroom to its optimum level as they fear crowding or cramping it with too many things. Then, the thought of adding freshness through plants also rarely occurs to them as they believe there has to be adequate room for them. Sometimes, a lack of awareness about the options also becomes the reason for not exploring other things.

Nevertheless, if you are eager about these extra features, here are a few suggestions to go back to and experiment with; let’s check them at once.

Expanding the storage in the bathroom

No matter how many shelves are already there, your bathroom can still scream for a bit of relief from the heaps of different items in those corners. You can make the cramped areas free by adding stylish and functional storage spaces. One of the simple and most elegant choices can be the ladder. When you keep a wooden ladder in your bathroom, it evokes a rustic vibe. Plus, you can use the steps to hang your towels, knick-knacks, or anything you desire.

You can place a free barstool beside the sink in a tiny corner, and it would serve your needs as a storage rack. The idea can work well if you have a contemporary Kraus USA sink. Both these will help you give your bathroom an inescapable modern charm. If you like it, color the stool with your favorite paint to lend it more character. It is a flexible addition, which you can also remove whenever you wish.

You can experience the same freedom with baskets. These movable storage units can go anywhere on the floor, under the sink; you can also stack them one above the other. Regardless of how and where you place them, these can store your toilet rolls, towels, and other bath essentials like a pro. Or, if you have some space to spare, you can think of bringing your extra bookshelf inside. Place your baskets, towels, and storage canisters in it. It would lend a vintage mood to the corner where you fix it. So, it can be another effortless addition from your end. And the fact that you don’t have to buy anything is so brilliant. 

While optimizing the free inches for more storage options, you can run your eyes to the wall holding up the mirror. Usually, people don’t think about storing anything under the mirror as they believe it would obstruct the view. Then, they don’t want to take any risk with the beauty of the mirror itself. But you can ensure both these things by choosing a mirror with cavities and keeping your daily oral care and skin care products there. If you want, you can add a few flowers also to make it colorful.

Welcoming the warmth and fresh air in the bathroom

The humid ambiance of the bathroom can be the perfect environment for tropical plants. So add greenery if you feel your bathroom misses a bit of warmth and freshness.  Usually, hanging plants do better as they don’t occupy counter space. You have to water them regularly to keep them alive and growing. Plus, there has to be adequate light also. Choose a spot where they get both water and sunshine, no matter whether you hang them from a rod, mount them on a hook on tile, or keep them on a shelf. Some of the houseplants that can be suitable for your bathroom include fern, snake plant, gardenia, parlor palm, orchid, prayer plant, etc.

Also known as Calathea, the prayer plant opens its leaves in the morning and closes them at night. It is a beautiful plant with attractive foliage that needs moisture and a bit of light to thrive. It can add a dramatic effect in the bathroom. However, if your bathroom doesn’t get enough natural light, you can go for snake plants. It can grow even in low light; at the same time, it doesn’t need much watering. Even if you forget to water them sometimes, they can still grow.

In a bathroom where space is a problem, you can opt for parlor palms. They need warmth and humidity for their wellbeing. You have to sprinkle them with water or keep them on moist pebbles in a tray. The miniature plant will have a slow growth; you can expect them to be about one meter high. So it can be the right thing for your small bathroom.

In the category of hanging plants, you can look for a lipstick plant or Aeschynanthusradicans. It needs bright light and high moisture. You can mist and water them to grow 5cm-long vibrant red flowers that would hang out from 2.5cm tubes or calyxes. When you discuss hanging plants, another option is spider plants. People hang them over a bathtub or vanity for their striking effect. You can have them on the shelf also if you prefer. Spider plants don’t require much humidity and light. The plantlets shoot from the end of the stalks; you can cut and place them in water. When you find that the roots have become about one inch longer, you can get potting soil for them.

Adding plants to the bathroom can help you nurture your love for gardening. Plus, it can give your bathroom pleasant and soothing energy to enjoy.

Like these, there are plenty of creative ideas you can juggle with and apply to make your bathroom a complete haven of comfort. You can pick and choose to upgrade its look anytime you feel. And the best thing is you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this. With a small amount also, you can achieve excellent results. Since the festive season is already here, you can embrace easy options for some quick makeover.