Some Preparation Tips For JEE Main Aptitude Test For B.Planning

 In the year 2020, the authorities have come up with several kinds of changes in the overall syllabus of JEE Main exam. Now there will be separate exams for B.planning, which will mean that candidates can also go with the option of attempting either B.planning or B.Arch or even both of them.

 JEE Mains new syllabus includes this particular categorization and following are some of the steps that will help the candidates to prepare a better JEE Mains study plan for the examination:

 -The candidates should very well distinguish between the topics which are very much important and which are very less important. This will help the individuals to have a complete idea about the weightage of each of the topic in the aptitude section so that they can prepare accordingly.

 -In case the candidates require some of the knowledge about drawing test section, then they must go with the option of obtaining the best quality study material with the engineering drawing books so that they can prepare accordingly.

 -The individuals should also try to analyse the objects clause so that they can draw the dimensions very well.

 -The drawing test of the architecture entrance exam is considered to be more about the design ideas, and on the other hand, the drawing test in the arts is considered to be about aesthetic. So, the candidates should prepare accordingly for both of the examinations.

 Following are some of the preparation tips for candidates in this particular type of examination:

 -The candidates should understand the concepts properly: Rather than learning the candidate should focus on understanding the whole concept and should decide to not move on the other topic without understanding the first one. Also, the candidates should go with the option of referring to the math textbook of class 11 and class 12th to have a good understanding of the whole concept.

 -The candidates should divide the syllabus accordingly: It is very much advisable to divide the syllabus into monthly as well as weekly segments so that they can assign the practical targets in achieving them. The candidate should also focus on following the plan strictly so that they can complete the syllabus before time and also get some of the time for revision. The candidate should focus on working on drawing column and the development of observation skills so that they can ace in the drawing section. For this purpose, people can also go with the option of joining the coaching classes for practising the drawing.

 -The candidate should also very well participate in doubt clearing sessions: All the candidates should clear their doubts at the earliest possible levels to avoid any kind of confusion. To avoid monotony, the candidates can also add variation in the daily schedule, and they can go with the option of studying subjects like drawing and other related topics to develop a good command over them.

 Hence, JEE Mains full syllabus should be very well understood before appearing for the examination so that there is no doubt in the minds of candidates and he scored very well.