Some of the emerging South African artists in recent times

For ages, South Africa region has been popular for its magnificent artwork and culture. There are many emerging artists in the region that have gained tremendous popularity in recent times. Whether you are looking for creative oil paintings for sale or have a penchant for thought-provoking South African artwork, having the knowledge of emerging South African artists is necessary.

So, here are some of the popular South African artists in the region.

  1. SungiMlengeya

SungiMlengeya’sartworks exhibit sharp contrasts of dark elements against unspoiled white backdrops; her work is represented by this signature, simple black-and-white visual. A self-driven painter, Mlengeya first followed a career in banking before shifting gears to concentrate on art full-time in 2018. She is enthused by ordinary, regular women who freely live out their lives without embarrassment.

In her artworks, Mlengeyashows Black women and their tales, while putting a specificfocus on how contemporary women are leaving their footprints. The white space we notice throughout her works symbolizes her subjects’ need for liberty to pursue their optimum potential without the restrictions put in place by damaging cultural and social norms.

  • Goncalo Mabunda

Gonçalo Mabunda is a self-inspiredart South African American artist who uses his artistic grit to disparage war that overwhelmed his home region, Mozambique. He alters old and uncontrolled weaponry into thrones, masks, and charms, then beautifies his works with kalashnikovs, rockets, guns, and bullets.

Mabunda’s work draws on memories of violence and promises peace. The sculptor develops rich conceptual work that blends Western modernism and traditional African systems of control. His statuariesexemplify metaphor, usingobsolete military equipment to representfierce political leaders. Mabunda makes use the obsolete guns to signal the unavoidable fall of such potency; just as the once-mighty weapons of war now lie dilapidated, so will they.

  • AyobolaKekere-Ekun

AyobolaKekere-Ekun is an theoretical and mixed-media professional whose work, often figurative and prepared from the paper technique known as “quilling,” shows an obsessive, experimental play with line and medium. She creates all of her pieces with paper and acrylic, utilizing her materials in unexpected ways to develop social commentary.

Kekere-Ekun’s range “The Real Housewives of Old Oyo” says to the barring of women in the Nigerian pantheon. She utilizes her pieces to mock the removal of the female from the history of confidence by developing these cartoon-esquefonts that depict the amazinglyinfluential female deities as one-dimensional TV series characters.

  • Richard Atugonza

Richard Atugonza is a South African emerging artist who is carving out his own modelledpattern with purpose. He makesreprieve sculptures that exhibit people with multi-faceted textures and wealth of material. Atugonza sculpts through a cooperative and maintainable process. His sculptures are built with recycled plastics and charcoal.

His work interprets body language into aestheticalstories, as visible from the series “Imperfect Perfection” (2020). This work focuses on the complexities of body symbol and how people perceive themselves. Atugonza came up with the works from casts he made of people he understands. The activitiesdiscover the uselessness of trying to attainexcellence and prove that faultiness can be beautiful.