Some of the Best Practices of a SharePoint Development Team

We should start with the definition of a SharePoint team. A SharePoint team is a group of people who work together and share knowledge, skills and experience within an organization. The team members may be from different departments or even different companies. The team can consist of IT specialists, administrators, consultants, developers, content managers, designers, project managers and more.

The challenges in SharePoint development

SharePoint development can be a very challenging task. As you can imagine, the challenges in this area are mainly due to the fact that SharePoint is an ever-evolving platform that has many moving parts.

For example, the user interface of SharePoint has changed several times and as such, you may want to reuse some of your existing code to make it more user-friendly. The same applies to custom components or webparts that you have developed.

But wait!

What happens when you need to make changes to one of these moving parts?

You may have already experienced this situation and as such you know how frustrating this can be. In this article, we will discuss a few SharePoint development best practices that can help you avoid such problems.

Some of the best practices of SharePoint development include:

  • Developing a new SharePoint solution
  • Managing the solution lifecycle
  • Building an end-to-end user experience
  • Solving problems
  • Creating custom workflows
  • Managing content
  • Developing custom apps

Developing a new SharePoint solution

One of the main responsibilities of a SharePoint development team is to come up with new solutions for SharePoint. There are hundreds of different SharePoint-related projects that need to be developed, and the team’s job is to make sure that these projects are completed on time and that they meet all of the project’s requirements.

Managing the solution lifecycle

The SharePoint development team is also responsible for managing the SharePoint solution’s lifecycle. The team has a deep understanding of SharePoint solutions and how they can be built, tested, deployed, maintained, and supported. Once they have developed a solution, they must maintain it and manage it to make sure that it lasts for a long time or even a lifetime. They are responsible for providing an end-to-end SharePoint solution development life cycle and support services to customers.

 Building an end-to-end user experience

SharePoint development team also has the responsibility to build an end-to-end experience for users. This means that the experience is seamless, and they should be able to easily navigate the SharePoint application. In order to accomplish this, SharePoint developers are required to be experts in web design, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XML.

This is why it’s essential for a SharePoint developer to have a strong understanding of web design and the use of JavaScript, as well as a firm grasp of HTML, CSS, and XML. However, if you want to master SharePoint development, you should also understand the basics of SQL Server and ASP.

Solving problems

The main skill that a SharePoint development team must have is solving problems. You cannot get anywhere in this field without the ability to solve problems. SharePoint developers are faced with many problems. The list of problems can be long, and some of them are more complicated than others.

Some problems can be solved quickly, while others may require a lot of time. The best way to approach this is by having an idea of what problems you will face. If you know the type of problems you will face, then you can prepare yourself for the challenge.  

 Creating custom workflows

SharePoint development teams also create custom workflows that automate tasks. One common workflow is to send an e-mail notification when a document is created, updated, or deleted. These workflows can be used to notify the appropriate people, and they can even be used to schedule tasks.

Managing content

The responsibility of a SharePoint development team is to manage content since it’s a data management tool. Content is one of the things that is included in the responsibilities of a SharePoint development team. A Content Management System (CMS) is used to store, manage, and publish information in an easy way.

Developing custom apps

SharePoint development also includes developing custom apps. SharePoint offers an App Catalog, which is a collection of web applications that can be added to SharePoint as apps. The app catalog provides the ability for users to download and install apps to their personal devices from the SharePoint site.


Managing online data is a lot of work in today’s world and you always need a team to help you. The SharePoint development team can help you to take benefit from some of the amazing features of this online tool. It helps you solve problems that are to say that it comes up with a SharePoint solution to increase your business productivity.

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