Some Must-Try Varieties of Cannabis

Cannabis comes in various types and kinds, including sub-species. The cultivators and agronomists have been breeding multiple types of Cannabis for a very long time. These varieties of Cannabis with particular characteristics might create specific types and hybrids. Each pot contains a specific concentration of cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and other compounds.


Farmers cultivate the plants to produce a specific appearance, effect, and taste on the consumer. Data on the effects of the variety of pot is collected mostly through the users’ experience. Below is a guide on different kinds of cannabis strains.


Different kinds of pot have other effects and specific unique tastes. However, the Cannabis family of plants is the main plant of all strains of Cannabis. Different types of Cannabis got obtained from them. According to some experts, there are two subspecies, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis sativa. However, some argue that the two might be separate species.


A detailed study on Cannabis


To develop a particular strain, producers choose various characteristics to get the desired effect they require. Cannabis strains get indicated as either sativa, hybrid, or indica. The hybrid strain was obtained by breeding the sativa and indica strains together.


Kush is a particular type of strain obtained from either pure cannabis indica or cannabis Indica hybrid. You might get from green kush, Afghan kush, purple kush, and Hindu kush from pure cannabis indica. At the same time, Blueberry kush and golden Jamaican kush got derived from the cannabis indica hybrid.


Diesel Haze is another strain derived from the hybrid of cannabis sativa or the pure cannabis sativa. The most significant trait of the variety of Cannabis is THC level. There are specific rules followed while naming different kinds of strains. However, cultivators do not name their goods accordingly. Therefore, despite the classification based on crossbreeding and hybridization, consumers cannot tell the THC content of a product only by the plant’s appearance.


The simple appearance of the cannabis plant, including its height, branches, or leaf structure, cannot tell its composition. The only opportunity to identify the chemical composition of a cannabis obtained plant is its analysis biochemically.


The difference between the Indica and Sativa


The biological classification of these species gives their name to the two subspecies: sativa and indica. The natural name itself is given based on its physical traits.


The Indica cannabis is shorter, has dark green leaves, and is broader. While the plant of Cannabis, sativa, is taller, has pale green leaves, but thinner. Previously, consumers or dealers used to separate the two cannabis species according to their effects and CBD or THC level. It is true that the indica species had higher contents of CBD. Therefore, producers and dispensaries advertised the strains of indica as a good that would give a more “relaxed high.” While in comparison, the cannabis sativa obtained piece contained more effective THC content, providing an energetic high.


However, with recent research, there is a caution against the generalization of the strains derived from the two subspecies. The only accurate way to know the different cannabis goods is to go through a biochemical assessment.


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