Some Key Tips To Successfully Land White-Tailed Deer

It’s deer season. And you’ve got your hopes and dreams set on a big mature buck. Maybe you’ve already seen the deer. Maybe it’s only come to you in your dreams. Regardless, it’s gonna take a little luck, work, and know-how to make it a reality. You have already started checking out all the top deer wall mounts for sale available online for your white-tailed deer. But how do you hunt it? In this article, we’ll discuss just that. We’ve listed some key tips that will surely help you harvest a trophy whitetail buck.

• Hunt Early Morning – For the most part, deer are active in the early morning as well as near dusk. This means that the best time to hunt them is early in the morning and in the evening as the sun sets. For the evening hunts, you ought to set up your stand around the deer feeding area. And for a morning hunt, set up on its route to bedding.

• Don’t Make Unnecessary Noises – Deer have excellent hearing. In fact, they can quickly detect your movements from a quarter mile away on a non-windy day! And if they hear your movements, they can take around two hours to return. You can avoid making any noise on the hunting day by setting up your stand 1-2 days before. You might also want to walk carefully and step with great care to minimize the chances of your sound spooking the buck. Wearing special sound eliminating hunting boots or boot covers can drastically reduce the noise you make while walking.

• Use A Trail Camera – Trail cameras do most of the tedious and monotonous work of scouting game for you. Take care of it, know the basics of getting set up, and your chances of a successful hunt will skyrocket.

• Trees Stands Can Help If Used Smartly – Finding the right tree is the first step in placing a good tree stand. Trees around 18 inches in diameter or larger seem to work best. They’re sturdy enough to support your body weight and wide enough to hide your shoulders. Thinner trees will expose your outline. Keep the sun on your back. The lens of human eyes filters out UV light, but deer lack a UV filter. If you know the direction from which a deer might approach, try to hang your tree stand so you’re between it and the sun.

We hope you will be able to harvest a whitetail by following these tips. We will recommend you use rotating mounting bracket for hanging your mount as it allows you to re-position the deer once it’s hanging. You can find such brackets online at some top hunting accessories websites.