Some Interesting Facts About Giving Flowers

Flowers are first choice for many people to express their love and care to the most important people in their life. In simple words, many people use flowers to express their emotions. The floral arrangements and flower bouquets help you to express your gratitude, affection and admiration towards others, whom you love the most. With the long-lasting fragrance and beauty, flowers spread positivity everywhere.

Are you wondering how did this tradition start? Let’s discuss about it in this post today!

The habit of giving flowers is popular since several centuries. It might be quite surprising to hear this, but Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Chinese and Romans have used flowers for communication. Greeks especially have associated the flowers with God. According to Floriography, every flower has a different meaning. The Victorian culture has created different meaning for different flowers.

During the Victorian era, people prepared the flower bouquets depending on what they want to express to others. If you have received flowers as gift from anyone during the Victorian Era then it is extremely important for you to know the meaning of every flower. There are several books available in the present days, which helps you to find the meaning of different flowers.

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It is not all safe to visit your friends or relatives house during this situation to stay protected from Coronavirus, but don’t worry! You can send message to your loved ones by taking the help of florists online. Most of the florists online delivers your order wherever you want, which means you can now express your feelings to your loved ones without stepping out of your house.

Flowers and their meaning

  • Anemone – Forsaken
  • Red Roses – Love
  • Yellow Roses – Friendship
  • White Roses – Innocence
  • Chrysanthemum Red – Love
  • Angelica – Inspiration
  • Yellow Lilly – Happy
  • White Lily – Purity

Are flower bouquets only meant for happy occasions?

No, flower bouquets are also meant for sad occasions. Lilies and Orchids are generally meant for sad occasions. If you want to convey your sympathy message to your loved ones, who is suffering with the loss then pick a flower bouquet and sent it across to them. Florists also offer floral arrangement services.

Are flower bouquets costly online?

Flower bouquets are not at all costly online. You will see so many options online, if you want to buy flower bouquets. Some flower bouquets come with attractive and delicious chocolates, while some come with cute soft toys. Choose one from them, which you love the most.

No doubt! Your loved ones will definitely love your surprise!