Some Hearing Loss Is Natural, Some Isn’t

Biological Entropy: A Fancy Way Of Describing Age

Entropy is the process by which systems of order break down from an ordered state, to a non-ordered state. The universe is subject to the forces of entropy, and that includes individuals. Over time, your body is going to break down. This can be partially managed with best practices in health, but only to a certain degree. You may live to 130, but you’ll never live to 2,000.

So as you age, you should expect some bodily functions to fail on you, or at least diminish in effectiveness. Vision blurs over time owing to astigmatism, and can be impacted by cataracts. Bones become less dense. Muscles lose vitality. Thankfully, the reservoir of experience you gather over time helps curb these losses, but it’s only a mild silver lining—the mind can go too.

One area of aging through natural biological break-down over time, and an area that tends to be more impacting than even some of those already listed, involves hearing. It is said that, given the choice of vision or hearing loss and living with hearing loss, it’s better to lose vision. At least that’s how Helen Keller felt; and she would definitely know.

What does this mean for you? Well, as you age, your hearing is going to diminish. Sometimes this is natural, and has to do with the way the body ages generally. Sometimes, hearing loss results from lifestyle choices. And there are times when that which is out of our control ultimately ends up impacting hearing—like a loud explosion or other accident. However, there are things you can do to help reduce hearing loss.

Managing Hearing Loss

There are a few different alternatives. For one thing, it can be wise to find local medical practitioners who can assess your situation and determine if hearing loss you experience has to do with aging, injury, or lifestyle.

In south Colorado, the following link represents a strong choice for audiology in Colorado Springs. If you’re nowhere near Colorado, the hyperlinked clinic could serve as a template for you.

Solutions Beyond Medical Options

The thing is, regardless of your location, you may not have immediate access to medical assistance. So what’s your move? For starters, do you regularly encounter loud noises which could contribute to hearing loss?

Say the job that has kept food on the table for you and your family over the years is industrial. Do you wear hearing protection, or just “wing it”? Long-term loud noises produce long-term consequences over time. If you’re in a situation that puts your hearing at risk, you definitely need hearing protection. Earphones and earplugs can’t block out all noise, but can help.

In your private life, try to avoid overly loud noises. Sudden, explosive, percussive sounds can impact the inner components of your ear, damaging them. On that note, try to cut out or eliminate smoking. Smoking impacts your eustachian tubes, and has been linked to hearing loss.

Additional Measures To Mitigate Losses

Finding a solid clinic, taking care of yourself, and exploring hearing assistance solutions represent the best moves for you or a loved one contending with hearing loss.

What else can you do? Well, eat better and exercise. The body is self-healing when it’s properly maintained. Did you know every cell in your body is replaced during an interval of about seven years? That includes the cells inside your ears.

Workout, and eat better; you’ll give your body the tools it needs for repair. Also, it’s not a bad idea to look into augmented options like hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are better than ever, and can help you regain much of the hearing you’ve lost for varying reasons.


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