Some Elegant Do It Yourself Art Work Ideas For You

Repurposing the old items such as cardboard boxes can be a perfect way to overcome the problems related to waste going to the landfills, and you can also come up with new and creative crafts that can help you in daily life. You only require some basic supplies for making these creative items at home without any external assistance.

Importance of DIYs

DIYs is an art as it helps us in repurposing the old products and packaging into new and useful items. You only require some of the basic resources in order to start making these creative crafts at your home. Old custom printed corrugated boxes can be used for the repurposing along with the other essential resources such as glue, tape, embellishing items, and cutting tools. You can make use of empty custom corrugated boxes for making small drawers for keeping your small accessories safe and organized. You can also make use of custom corrugated shipping boxes for making starburst mirrors for your living space and a number of other useful crafts.

Organizing drawers

Having a drawer organizer at your home or office space can be highly effective in keeping you organized and productive, but they usually cost a lot. You can choose to purchase these organizers from the market or can go with making one on your own. Simply gather some empty custom size corrugated boxes laying around you along with some essential tools and supplies.

  1. Cut open the package boxes using a paper cutter or scissors in order to acquire the plain sheets of cardstock.
  2. Mark the dimensions required for your sliding drawer
  3. Cut the sheets in accordance with the required size of the drawer, mark the sides and glue them.
  4. Stack the drawers on top of one and other and make use of empty printed cardboard boxes for making the outer cover.


Having a dollhouse is always the dream of every kid, and you can make it true by using empty cardboard boxes cheap supplies. You simply require some basic resources such as glue, poster colors, ruler and tape for this purpose

  1. Start by taking empty small round cardboard boxes with lids and removing the upper end with the use of a paper cutter. You can also make use of a cardboard window box if you don’t want the home to be round.
  2. Take small card boxes and cut them open for getting plain sheets of the card stock.
  3. Use the plain sheets to make attic for home
  4. Glue the attic on the top of window boxes
  5. Use poster colors to add details to the structure

DIY gift packaging

Without any doubt, packaging for gift items is one of the most important things that can make your offering stand out from the rest of the others. There are a number of cardboard packaging boxes designs available in the market that can help you in the process, or you can also make use of your own creativity to make one by yourself.

  1. Take an empty cardboard box with handles and remove any stickers from it
  2. Mix one part of water with two parts of glue and apply it on the box
  3. Use delicate fabric to cover the glue
  4. Make use of embellishments and written wishes with the use of poster colors

File holders

File holders are always highly effective in helping out the consumers in keeping their working space neat and clean. You can make use of cardboard packaging boxes wholesale supplies to make one for you on your own.

  1. Take an empty cereal box and remove the lid
  2. Cut the top on an angle of 45 degrees
  3. Use wrapping paper and tape to embellish the holder

Photo frames

Having a creative and personalized photo frame can add life to your favorite memories and what can be best that a simple DIY project to make yourself creative photo frames. You can make use of cardboard for shipping prints for this purpose as they are highly sturdy and premium in nature.

  • Take an empty shipping box that is printed with alluring graphics
  • Keep the printing on cardboard boxes upside down and mark the dimensions for the required picture.
  • Use a paper cutter to cut a window for the picture
  • Make the remaining cardboard pieces for making a stand for the photo frame.