Some Economic and Must-Try Wig Packaging Ideas

Packaging is a great gift. Be it product preservation, product branding, and image building, custom packaging has made things easier for retail businesses. Especially when talking about cosmetic and makeup wig packaging ideas, you can play with colors and customize the printing, designing, and laminations. 

Wigs, hairpieces, and Custom Hair Extension Boxes are widely used in hair makeup products, especially among women. Their glow, freshness, and colors are so delicate that even mishandling can make them unusable. Therefore, their custom packaging should be supreme. Numerous packaging options provide promising safety to the product. Alongside they provide ease to customers and branding benefits to your hair product business.

While designing a custom box for wigs, there are many wig packaging ideas that you can explore to make your custom wig packaging different. These ideas can help you design your custom wig boxes innovatively. Let’s explore a few of them! 

Include a Wig Brush with the Wig Packaging 

It is hard to imagine a wig without a wig brush. However, now and then, the tangles on the wigs can impact their ambient form. Therefore, A wig brush should be added to wig packaging for various reasons. 

  • Maintain the Wig’s Style

A wig brush is a necessary tool to maintain the wig’s style. Wig brush can help to keep the wig looking its best by removing any tangles or knots that may have developed during storage or wear. 

  • Enhance Product’s Longevity

A wig brush can help to distribute the natural oils from the scalp throughout the wig, which can help to keep the hair looking more natural and healthy. Therefore,  a wig brush can help increase its longevity by preventing unnecessary damage caused by brushing or styling it with improper tools.

  • A Brand Friendly Wig Packaging Idea 

When you include a wig brush with the custom wig boxes, the customers can not resist appreciating your efforts. This way, they remember your brand and recommend your product to others. Consequently, this packaging idea can help you get more sales!

Hair Cap with the Wig Packaging

A hair cap is a great way to protect a wig inside the packaging. The cap helps keep the wig in place and prevents dust, dirt, or debris from getting inside the packaging. The cap also helps to keep the wig from becoming tangled or matted and can be easily removed when the wig is ready to be worn.

  • Safety with Ease

Providing a hair cap with a wig packaging box ensures the wig remains secure and intact. Unfortunately, sometimes the external environmental conditions are not favorable for wigs. Therefore, a hair cap can help prevent damage from friction or abrasion. Adding hair caps to protect wigs from tangles and including a wig brush are great wig packaging ideas that one must explore.

If you add small-sized hair caps inside a wig packaging box, customs will acknowledge your efforts. This indicates that you care more about your customer’s ease than the money. That is how people will become your returning buyers!

Adding a Thankyou Card

By including a thank you card in your wig packaging, you’re sending a message that you value your customers and care about their experience. These tiny gestures can influence people and turn them into loyal customers.

People appreciate the little effort others put in to bring smiles to their faces. Especially when you are a customer receiving your wig in beautifully customized wig Packaging Boxes, a thank you card can make the unboxing experience more fun. Therefore you must try these wig packaging ideas and surprise your customers. 

Adding Some Premium Finishes

Custom wig packaging provides enough room for packaging designers to play. They can design the box in many shapes and styles and add fine printing details whenever unique wig packaging ideas come to mind. In addition to printing and designing, the premium add-ons are also a must-try on wig packaging boxes.

Numerous add-ons are used on packaging boxes to make them splendid and unique from the others. Lamination of gloss and matte is used to provide extraordinary shine and velvet-like texture to the packaging box. People love lamination, which is why it is the most famous add-on in the custom packaging industry. You can also add the following add-ons to your wig packaging boxes,

  • Ribbons
  • Hangtags
  • Custom Stickers
  • Foil Stamping 
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Holographic foiling
  • Spot UV Lamination

Use Eco-friendly Packaging Materials

Eco-friendly packaging materials have replaced conventional plastic packaging. The former include Kraft and cardboard. As a result, the idea of an eco-friendly wig packaging box has transmitted faster. Everywhere Kraft and cardboard-made custom boxes for wigs can be seen, and if you don’t use kraft or cardboard wig boxes, you are missing a lot! These materials are eco-friendly, fully biodegradable, and easy to extract. 

These wig packaging ideas help you understand the significance of custom boxes for wigs and hair extensions. I hope you like these ideas, and it would be great if you share some wig packaging ideas that you have. Happy to read!!


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