Some Actual Smartphone Myths That are True

Smartphones are one of the key gadgets that you can’t imagine your life without it anymore. It is your digital identity that you love and have to keep close to ease off the chores of your life. 

But what if your mobile phone gets into the water accidentally? But you may have heard that if you keep it in rice, then it may become operative. But you should know that it is not true and only a myth. 

In the context of the discussion, let’s debunk some common smartphone myths that you think are true. Read on!


  • More megapixel means a better camera 

4G mobile under 10000 and beyond in India now comes with more number of megapixels. The trend of triple and quad rear camera and the dual selfie camera is here. But packing large megapixels in a device does not mean a higher quality camera too. More megapixels only denote to higher resolution image. But unless your zoom in or print the image, you won’t come across the differences between an 8MP and 12MP camera. You should look at the aperture quality while looking for camera specs at the time of buying a mobile phone for better results. 


  • Drain your battery completely before charging 

If you had to wait for the full power on your mobile phone to drain out before charging it again, it might become an annoyance. Thankfully, it is not true! The phones now come with advanced Lithium-ion batteries, and it means that no matter how much charge if left, it is up to you when to charge it. 


  • 4G uses more data than 3G

4G is a faster data network than 3G. But it does not mean that it uses more data. The size of your files such as a song, image or a movie is the same on all networks. But you may still feel that 4G consumes data in less time than 3G. It is because you are able to browse more pages on a 4G network in less time. What’s more, with streaming easily accessible, you are bound to end up your daily data allowance on 4G sooner than before. 


  • Overcharging a phone damages its battery 

Most of the mobile phone users no matter they have a 4G mobile under 15000 or a Vivo phone under 15000 charge it back to 100% while asleep. If this myth would have been true, then it would have disturbed your sleeping pattern to take it off charge once it has hit full. You can relax at night without worrying about the phone charge. It is because once a mobile phone is charged, the current stops – protecting from overcharging issues. 


  • Having a bigger battery means longer battery life 

Most of us think that the bigger something is, the better it is. It may be right for some things, but not for mobile phones’ batteries. The battery life of a phone or any other device may be determined by how much power it consumes and how it handles tasks it is designed to perform. Yes, having a mobile phone may extend the charge of a phone, but it also depends on your processor and Operating System’s capacity. If you spend your day out, then you should get a phone with a high-end processor and an updated OS. It will ensure that your phone gives more power to carry on with more tasks without keeping it on the charge.