How to solve Norton application error?

Norton antivirus is a popular and advanced security program. It offers all security tools to keep the device and network secured from all threats. Norton plans are available for PC and phone devices. Once the user installs Norton antivirus, he can work on PC without any threat concerns. But some users get errors while updating the Norton antivirus. Updating the security process is necessary. Without the updated setup, the antivirus can’t detect new threads on the device. If your Norton is not updating, you should immediately repair its setup.

Reasons behind Norton update application error

  1. Your OS is outdated
  2. Norton program files are missing
  3. Another security program is interrupting the update process
  4. Lots of junk files on the PC
  5. The malicious program is corrupted Norton setup
  6. System files are not working
  7. Norton registry files are not working

Troubleshooting Norton update application error

Restart the PC 

When the Norton antivirus is not updating, you should check for runtime errors. The update issues on the setup can appear when some files get into runtime errors. To fix those errors, the user should restart the device. Close all the apps and then click on the restart button. Now reopen the PC and go to Norton. Tap on the update button on the device. 

Update your Operating System

The apps on your device show update issues when the OS is outdated. Without a new OS update, the device won’t work correctly. To fix the Norton Live update error, you should check for the OS update. Go to the computer and open its Security and Update page. Now run the update of the PC and restart it. When the new update will apply, all services of the PC will start working correctly. Now reopen the Norton setup and run its update.

Reconnect the PC to the internet

The user faces Norton live update-related issues when the internet is not working. Whenever the update process fails, inspect your network. If the network is unstable then try connecting the PC to a smooth internet connection. Your Norton can also show update errors when the internet is not secured. Disconnect the PC from the public network and connect to the private network. Now retry to update your Norton antivirus setup. 

Remove another security program

Norton shows update issues when you have another security program on the device. That security program starts interrupting with your Norton antivirus. Whenever you try to make changes to the setup or update it; that program will interrupt the process. The user has to uninstall another security program from the system. Close Norton and other running programs; open Apps folders. Check the apps list and uninstall other security programs. Restart the PC and now open your Norton antivirus. Click on Update and wait to complete. After updating the antivirus, run the full scan for removing all threats from the device.

Clean out junk from the PC

The device sometimes shows errors due to junk files. When the computer accumulates lots of junk; many programs start working strangely. When you run the app; junk interrupts the process. For updating the Norton program, the user should remove all the junk from the computer. Open PC and delete files from a temp folder. After temp, open drives and check all the folders. On your Windows device, the user can remove the junk using a clean manager. You can run cleanmgr and all the junk will appear on a list. Now select the files and remove them from your computer. Reopen Norton antivirus and click on the update button for installing the latest update.

Repair the system files

Security programs can show update issues if the system files are not working. Without those files, your computer shows issues while updating or making changes to the settings. The user should repair the system files. But repairing the system files without help can be difficult. Instead of fixing those files manually. The user can run a file checker utility tool. This tool will inspect the system files and then repair them. But for running this utility, the user needs admin credits. After running the utility, restart the computer and run the Norton updates. 

Reinstall Norton antivirus

Norton Live update process may fail due to corrupted program files. If the program files are not working, many of its functions won’t work. To fix this, reinstall the setup. Open Apps and remove corrupted Norton setup. Install new and updated Norton setup on the device.