Solid BJJ Techniques Effective In Street Fights

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu [BJJ] system was developed for small, weak people to defend against big, strong opponents. BJJ system has numerous variations and techniques. 

On MMAWhisperer, you can learn a lot about how to win a street fight using BJJ moves or other martial arts. BJJ works well in a street fight, especially when you are against a single attacker. 

BJJ style benefits for a street fight

  • It is a martial art, which concentrates heavily on finishing the conflict. A fight can be ended using a variety of submission methods like locking the arm, ankle, and elbow or choking or neck cranking. 
  • In other martial arts, the learner has to gain training on how to hit pads or bags but in BJJ training you need to only figure out how to take the opponent to the ground instantly. 
  • BJJ training teaches you how to leverage weight and skills above opponents’ strength differences. 

Solid BJJ techniques that work efficiently in street fight

Technical standup

It is a technique used to move away from s seated to a standing position in such a way that you are not physically compromised by the opponent standing over you. You do this to protect from open attack directly on the head. Technical standup defuses any kind of attack. You place weight on your rear right foot and gain an ideal position to engage in a fight or run away.

Double leg takedown

Double leg takedown is a wrestling move but even BJJ students need to learn it because it is effective in street fight scenarios. Unlike judo takedown, double leg takedown does not need a Gi. The force and impact from double leg takedown are sufficient to push the attacker to the ground. 

Escape a mount

In BJJ style, this is the first move you will learn. It is the first taste of leverage everyone experiences. They discover how simple it is to bridge out from someone your size mounting and get onto his/her back. 

Maintain the mount

Maintaining control over the mount is crucial as soon as your opponent is pushed to the ground. Who stays on the top will determine the winner of the fight. To gain upright posture, try to maintain a high mount. In this posture, you can use multiple attacking techniques like land striking or choking. Keep your knees in the armpits of your attacker and your head or arms out to control your base in case your attacker tries to escape from the mount. 

Back control

The back control technique helps to immobilize your attacker and offers you an upper hand to control. Having control over the opponent is crucial in street fight, especially if your attacker is large/strong. The moment you have their back, several positions and choke types can be used to mollify the opponent. 

Rare naked choke

In street fights, chokes are effective in comparison to joint submissions as the attacker has no option but to tap or give up. A rare naked choke is implemented from the back control position. You are hooked on your attacker’s torso making it impossible for getting your hooks it. Learn rare naked choke because it is too challenging to escape.