Solar Energy And Its Applications

The demand for energy is growing day by day across the world.  It is an incredible source of alternate energy with the potential to fulfil the energy demand of the entire world while reducing pollution. This benefit has led to the emergence of innovative usage of solar energy to meet power requirements at every level. Here are a few to state:


Solar Lamp


A solar lamp is a lighting system consisting of an LED lamp, solar panel, and rechargeable battery, and an inverter. The solar lighting operates on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of the solar panel. Solar lamps have the ability to replace other combustible light sources such as kerosene lamps or candles.


Solar Dryer


Solar dryers help to be dry substances with the help of direct sunlight. Historically, food and clothes were dried in the sun by laying the items on rocks or top of tents. In the solar dryer, the solar drying is assisted by the wind that removes the more saturated air away from the items being dried. One of the modern types of solar dryer has a black absorbing surface which gathers the light and converts it to heat and the substance to be dried is placed directly on this surface. 


In contrast to sun drying, where the food is exposed directly to the sun, the solar dryer uses indirect solar radiation. It collects solar energy by warming-up the air volume in solar collectors and conducts the hot air from the collector to an attached enclosure, the meat drying chamber. This the region where the products to be dried are laid out.


Rooftop Solar


Solar energy can also be used to save home and business owners thousands of dollars every year by making them power independent. Solar systems convert solar radiation into electricity by utilizing the photoelectric effect in materials such as selenium and silicon. Installing a solar system from the right solar company can save a consumer up to 80% on monthly power bills. 


Solar Vehicle


A solar vehicle is an electric vehicle powered by direct solar energy. They are designed with solar PV panels, usually installed on the rooftop of the vehicle, to generate power for the vehicle. At present, while solar vehicles such as solar-powered tricycle and solar-powered boats are available for consumers in the market, vehicles like solar hybrid car are still being experimented by various private and public entities.


Solar Pump


A solar pump is a water pump that runs on electricity generated by solar PV panels. The operation of solar-powered pumps is more economical due to the lower solar O&M costs. Solar pumps are quite useful for agricultural purposes, especially where grid electricity is unavailable.


Solar Space Heating


Space heating implies heating the space inside a building. Nowadays, various hotels and commercial buildings use solar energy for space heating. A solar space heating is designed to let in as much sunlight as possible- it is like a big solar collector. Sunlight passes through the windows and heats the floor and walls inside the house. The light can get in, but the heat is trapped inside. 


The small steps we are taking today in building a solar world are in the right direction to make the transformation that we need, i.e. to have sustainable growth.