Importance of Testing in Software and Application Development

Having confidence in your product is good but having overconfidence can hurt your business. It is often observed that software developers do not feel the need to test their software. Hence, causing the businesses to lose money. And I feel the testing of software and apps is important. More so for companies for the following reasons:

Saves Money

It is always a better option to test your service, app or product before you launch it. Because if there are any issues that the users complain about after the launch, you will suffer. Hence, making testing a cost-effective option. It is also because developing software means going through many stages before introducing the final product. And if you catch bugs in earlier stages of development, it is better. As it will cost the company less to fix a bug in an earlier stage than altering it in the later stages.

You should hire testers or QAs that can do this job for you. Do not wait for the software to reach the people before you hire any testers. It would be too late by then. Instead, hire the testers in the initial stages. Apart from the fear of losing money, businesses should also worry about losing existing and potential customers. Because if they find a problem in your app or software, they will switch to an alternative. It is as simple as that.


Another reason for testing software is the addition of security. This happens to be the most sensitive and vulnerable part of the same time. In the past, software developing companies had to face defamation because of their software leaking information. People are cautious about sharing their personal information. It is due to hackers stealing personal and confidential information through software whose security checks are not in place.

It is for this reason people are always out on a hunt for reliable products. And if they find that trust in you, they will return to using other products that your company offers as well. People are extra cautious with information like bank details and credit card details. And if there is a software that guarantees that the shared information is safe, nothing better than that.

Following are some ways in which testing helps to add security to the software:

  • Users get access to a trustworthy product
  • The vulnerability of free products
  • Users’ personal and private data remains safe
  • Saves the users from getting into trouble later

Product Quality

If you want to bring your product’s vision to life, you will have to test it at every step. Because the product has to turn out exactly the way that you planned it to be. Products are meant to serve the users in one way or another. Therefore, it is essential that they are valuable as well. Thus, giving the users what they promised they would. If a product delivers all that it promised, it increases the trust of the users in it. That, in turn, increases the customer satisfaction rate.

Developing an app has many processes. If the developers get it tested at every stage, the developers will be clear as to what is it that they need to fix. If the testers keep guiding them as they develop the app, they will know if the graphics are aligned properly, if the menus are intuitive, will test the main functionality and may as well inform the developers about any other issues that they see.

Testers will also test the device compatibility for the app or software developed. It is essential because it adds to a good user experience.

Customer Satisfaction

One cannot stress enough about customer satisfaction. In today’s world, it is more than essential to satisfy the customer. You can do this with a customer success survey. Because the ultimate goal for businesses these days is to give the clients and users satisfaction. However, companies should also remember that a customer’s trust does not come that easily. One has to work hard and please the customers more than the competitors to achieve that trustworthiness from the customers.

The first impression is the last impression- a phrase that goes very well with today’s markets’ situation. Because of the saturation that exists. If you fail to satisfy your customer, someone else will. However, you can eliminate this fear of rejection from the customers by investing time and money in testing. For me, one of the services that have never failed to impress is the Internet that I use. Whenever I take the Internet speed test, I see that the company is offering the same high speed that it promised. Thus, increasing the trust in the company. Al companies should strive to be like this.