Sofa Upholstery Fabrics And Cleaning Tips

It is absolutely true that bad cleaning destroys good furniture. Sofas and couches are the furniture that upholds wear and tear a lot. Having kids at home brings jumping on them, dancing on the sofa, and sharp toys scratching it. Moreover, having pets brings a lot of damage to your couch. Therefore, it is a great concern for sofa fabric cleaning.  Also, you must have a great knowledge of the materials to be used fitting best to the needs. Additionally, you need to be Professional Sofa Cleaning Service. Sofas come in a variety of fabrics and designs. Some of the materials used are cotton, linen, and faux leather. These are the materials that need special care. You can follow some sofa fabric cleaning tips to get effective results.

Sofa Upholstery Fabrics
Sofa Upholstery Fabrics

Ways For Cleaning A Fabric Sofa

There are numerous ways to clean your sofa. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Using Detergents- There are several detergents available in the market which are specially designed for sofa fabric cleaning. Do not use any detergents as they have chemicals that can even damage your sofa fabric instead of cleaning it. These detergents contain harmful sulfates and chlorides that could damage your delicate sofa fabric. So, you must be aware of the right cleaning detergent for your sofa.
  • Cleaning with baking soda- Sprinkling baking soda all over the couch will remove the odour and loosen the stain to be removed easily. Mix baking soda and water together and put the solution on the stain and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes. After the stain loosens up, vacuum the stain from it. These are the best homemade solution for deep set stains.
  • Disinfect your sofa- You can make your own DIY disinfectant for your sofa. In a spray bottle, mix essential oil as it is known for its disinfectant properties (tea tree can be a good example) with a little rubbing alcohol. Spray the made solution on your sofa and let it rest for a few minutes and then vacuum all over the sofa for a clean sofa.
  • Cleaning a polyester couch- Cleaning techniques for polyester couches are a bit different. To clean a polyester sofa the best way is to take a dampened sponge with water and stick it to the stain. If the stain is slightly powerful then water will not help. In that case, you can use a small amount of dish soap to loosen the stain and wipe it off.
  • Removing the water spill- Spilling water over the sofa is the most common mistake. One way to remove water spill stains is to vacuum it. If it does not work, try using a diluted vinegar solution. This will loosen water molecules bound to the dirt molecules. You can also use a dry microfiber towel to wipe off the water spill stain.
  • Steam sofa fabric cleaning- Sofa fabric cleaning can also be done with the help of steam. You must have a dry vacuum first to remove the excess dirt from your couch. Keep the air circulated around. And then identify the test spot you want to stream on. Then start putting the steam over the test area and at last vacuum the sofa again for effective cleaning.
  • Handling the grease stains- Grease stains are slightly tough to remove and therefore water alone could not help cleaning with that. So, you must make use of baking soda to deal with the grease stains. As these stains are thicker, they need a good absorbent. Baking soda serves as a very good absorbent. Sprinkle over the grease stain and let it rest and wipe it off to get rid of the stains.

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