Social Metaverse Pioneer Soul App Attends Encrypted Shanghai

On November 11, 2022, the Shanghai Himalaya Museum of Art hosted the first Encrypted Shanghai exhibition. Dedicated to digital art and NFT, this four-day exhibition featured the most recent Web3 technology. Soul App a pioneer in the social metaverse, attended this magnificent meet and presented its digital art series.


Soul App explores digital art creation positively.

The Himalayan Art Museum intends to use the display as a platform to advocate change in the art world and establish a decentralized public art world in Web3. Encrypted Shanghai, inspired by the spirit of Web3, provides a breakthrough educational place for innovative art that breaks down the boundaries between culture and conventional and digital art forms.

Soul App attends Encrypt Shanghai with its NFT collections Soul – Mobius series, Soul 3D avatar and its IP brand Soul Cute, exploring the future development direction and importance of NFT art creation. Nowadays, there are more and more players in digital collectibles. Soul App’s participation brings new energy and ideas for combining digital art and the social industry. 

Soul App brings three surprises to Encrypted Shanghai.

Soul – Mobius is the first digital art collection released by the social networking platform Soul App with a limited edition of 15,996 copies, each with a unique number and style. Users can use it as an avatar decoration, adding uniqueness to their personal virtual identity. After its official release, the Soul – Mobius collection gained popularity and recognition from users greatly, and sold out quickly. By attending Encrypt Shanghai, Soul App brought this digital collection to offline exhibitions for the first time. 


In addition to the digital collection Soul – Möbius, Soul App had also announced on October 20 that it would partner with SOVerse Lab to release the Greenie & Elfie digital collection jointly. It is reported that this is the first time Soul App has released a digital collection in collaboration with artists and well-known IP images. A total of 5,666 copies of the collection will be released in the form of the blind box, which will once again create a boom.

Soul App’s digital collection is currently distributed through its own distribution platform, NAWA Studio. It is a metaverse co-creation platform that provides brands and IP parties with one-stop project incubation, promotion, distribution, IP derivation, etc. Through IP independent incubation, three-party co-branding cooperation and brand induction, the digital collection distribution and marketing capabilities are constantly improved, and a new model of online and offline brand combination is explored and built. NAWA Studio is committed to building a diversified user identity system and a concrete interest tag for the Soul App, providing users with a fresh social metaverse experience.

Avatars are regarded as the foundations of the social metaverse. Soul App also presented its 3D avatar in this exhibition. Thanks to its self-developed NAWA engine, Soul App enables its users to shape 2D/3D scenes in a cost-effective, efficient and diverse way. The Soul 3D avatars on display are virtual characters developed by Soul App based on the NAWA Engine, which aims to provide users with a richer, more exquisite and more personalized social image to meet their needs in different social scenarios. At the exhibition, Soul App uses 3D avatars to connect the physical world with the virtual world, leading visitors to experience the power of 3D avatars and imagine the future of the metaverse together.

In addition to digital collectibles and avatars, Soul App also presented its IP brand SoulCute as an extension of its online to offline exploration, including two well-known IPs. They are developed to handle different social scenarios and bring joy to users. 

The development of digital art requires more explorations.

Encrypted Shanghai demonstrates the power of digital art, NFT, and encryption, welcoming the web3 revolution of data and ownership, enabling artists to innovate, interact, and reshape tradition in this modern medium, providing access to the aesthetic appreciation for all. As one of the core participators, Soul App showcases its achievements, which is a combination of digital art and social metaverse, and becomes a stunning sight of this exhibition.

As a platform where over 70% of users are from Generation Z, Soul App is always at the forefront of the industry. It targeted the social metaverse as early as 2021. To build an immersive social networking platform for young generations, it has developed the accurate AI-driven recommendation system and NAWA engine to embrace a gamified diverse social experience. In the future, Soul App will continue to dive deep into the social metaverse, further explore digital collections and support users to experience the collision between trendy art and the social sphere.