SMM and Affiliate Marketing: How does it help Businesses?

Many a time you would have seen your favorite YouTuber giving out promo codes to products that they use every day. This is an example of affiliate marketing. You can get exposed to affiliate marketing if you are part of a social media marketing agency. It is a method of marketing that you have to pay for only if sales are made, therefore, they have a very high chance of Return On Investment(ROI). Affiliate Marketing coupled with Social Media Marketing would help increase the brand awareness of your website on an unparalleled scale. 

Affiliate marketing is basically when you strike a deal with Influencers. The Influencers will go on promoting your product on various platforms. Whenever they get a consumer to go to your website and make a purchase, then you have to pay them a reasonable amount for bringing in the traffic. SMM agency in Dubai helps businesses make the most out of affiliate marketing.

Let us look at how this social media marketing method can benefit your business.


A more rigorous sales team


The Influencers will be given the freedom to promote the products in engaging ways like creating a funny video about it, etc. You will not have to worry about creating ad designs and processing them to get them approved and posting them constantly just for affiliate marketing as the Influencers will take care of all the creative processes. And also, such influencers will already have a significant following. These Influencers will work with the same objectives you have for your business in mind; to increase traffic and boost sales.

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Another way to get conversions


If you want to go all the way and cover all possible methods to implement to promote your business, this is an additional method you can invest in where you only have to pay up when sales are made. Hence, you know that money spent is guaranteed to bring you the traffic. You can also instruct the affiliates to bring you the information that you want. For example, you can ask them to collect the social media handles of interested consumers, or their emails or make prospective customers fill up surveys and more. Promising them anywhere between 2 to 10% of each product sold or any other reasonable commission amount.


Increase the talk around your product


People are getting more and more impressionable, hence if they see their favorite celebrity wearing a certain outfit, the next time they go out to shop, they may look for something similar. Affiliate Marketing works on that principle, you get famous people to use your products so that they will be recognized by their following and whoever requires a similar product will go for your brand instead of a competing brand. Affiliates help bring your product across to a wider audience thereby gaining more recognition. 


Increase Dependability


If an Influencers is using it on a daily basis, this gives some credibility to that product. Similarly, promoting a product through an affiliate will act as a review or rating for your product. If the affiliates promote the products in a way that shows they have been using it and reaping benefits from it, people will tend to be convinced that the product is reliable. This increases the chances of them purchasing it. Also, if there is a discount in the form of a promo code that the influencer provides, they are more likely to go for the product as they will be able to get it at a lower price.


Quick Turnovers


Posts are influenced by real-time, therefore, the likeliness of someone seeing your affiliate’s pose is higher on the same day that they release it. This means you will be getting traffic on the same day of release, which is one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your website and get people to buy your products. This reduces the need for re-targeting which is necessary for other digital marketing methods.


Contests and Giveaways


If affiliates conduct contest and giveaways, this helps to increase the chances of people talking about your brand without having to put up paid ads, your posts will start showing up on everyone’s feeds. For example, if an affiliate puts up a post featuring your product and says ‘ tag three friends who you think would love this product’, people will start spreading the word of your products and the cycle will continue. Therefore, such contests will benefit your brand reputation immensely.


Content that caters


With affiliate marketing, you now have a very clear cut target audience to reel in. The followers of your affiliates will be your target audience and since you have an idea of their likes and dislikes, you will be able to change up your promoting tactics and customize to your target audience. The best way to go about doing this is to ask for help. There are plenty of SMM agencies in Dubai that specialize in affiliate marketing and also in helping create personalized content. 

So, if you have not jumped on the Affiliate Marketing Bandwagon just yet, now would be a great time. Contact social media marketing agency and discuss how you can start up your affiliate marketing avenue now to be able to boost your brand reputation to another level.