So, Your Kid Wants To Start Skateboarding? Here Is What You Need To Know.

Skateboarding has certainly come a long way. The Olympics of 2021 helped shine a light on the athleticism, creativity and youthfulness that are becoming huge influences on the future of skateboarding. With proper gear, awareness and planning, skateboarding can absolutely be as safe as any other type of sport or wheel oriented activity. 

Before choosing the perfect kids skateboard for your son or daughter, here are some benefits as well as basic safety tips to keep them well protected and out of harms way:

Skateboarding Benefits:

The benefits are huge. Skaters get outside and have fun while exercising. Balance, coordination and agility can all be improved and developed. Skateboarding even helps many kids with their self confidence and persistence. They may even find a brand new community of some of the most supportive friends they have ever had. 

Proper protective gear

Helmets should be considered a non-negotiable must have for kids learning to skate. Thankfully, today’s skate helmets are safer than ever and even more comfortable than they were a few years back. Following the helmet come knee, elbow and wrist guards. Hand and wrist injuries from skaters without wrist guards are arguably the most common and unnecessary injury. We’d recommend you consider wristguards as important as a helmet for a beginning skater. (Advanced skaters will learn to not use their hands when falling, this takes time.) 

While you don’t need to run out and grab skate specific shoes, do make sure they will have some comfortable sneakers to wear. Avoid flip flops, sandals and crocs. A relatively flat sole can provide the most consistent contact to the board and a more confident ride.  

 Appropriate Supervision:

You can do a lot to help your skater stay safe by just helping them choose the right environment to skate in. Staying clear of any traffic is obviously a big one. A private parking lot might be a better option than the street. 

At the skatepark, you can help your skater by recognizing skatepark etiquette. How do the locals take turns? Are there parts of the park that are more appropriate for beginners? Even time of day can make a huge difference, typically mornings are the best time of day for families. 

Choose the right Kids Skateboard

We recommend a high quality skateboard sized correctly for your younger skater. Some cheaper small boards exist, but they don’t ride well and they tend to be discouraging for beginners. Full size high quality boards are easy to find, but they are made for teens and adults and limit the progression of the smaller skater. 

A company like SkateXS focuses specifically on making just the right Skateboards for Kids. They have skateshop quality boards in 3 different sizes for kids age 5-12. The boards feature softer bushings for easier turning and slightly softer wheels for a smoother ride on the widest variety of surfaces. Boards can be customized to your skater’s style and typically ship same or next day. Designs and colors are available for both boys and girls.    

In the End

Skateboarding is a fun and healthy activity. You can make it safe for your kids by helping them find the best places and times to skate and choosing quality kids skateboards and protective equipment. Choose the best options and help make skateboarding an awesome new adventure for your son or daughter.