Snoods for cold weather

With the ability to cover both your head and neck while providing a handy face covering, a soft and cosy snood might be the ultimate cold-weather accessory! Snoods have become increasingly popular in recent times: here’s your guide to the benefits of snoods for the cold weather.

What is a snood?

A snood is a bit like a scarf, but it’s actually a tube of fabric sewn in a closed loop. They’re sometimes known as neck gaiters or neck warmers. You wear a snood by slipping it over your head and around your neck, but it can be worn in various ways. Some people like to pull them up over their mouth and nose, while others like to wear them all the way up over their heads in colder weather. This flexibility makes snoods a really useful multi-purpose garment.

Benefits of wearing a snood

As well as acting as a scarf, snoods can also keep your ears warm or protect your hair from rain, sleet or snow. Snoods are easy to put on and pull off, and they don’t fall off or blow away easily like a traditional scarf. They’re also much easier for children to manage instead of trying to tie a scarf.

Snoods have other uses too. During the COVID-19 pandemic, snoods have increased in popularity because they can also be used as a face covering, either alongside or instead of a face mask or face shield. If you ever find yourself needing to enter a crowded space and have forgotten your face mask, a snood will come in really handy.

You can even buy snoods made from fabric specially treated with an anti-bacterial coating now, making them the perfect face mask alternative.

Ways to wear snoods

There are lots of ways you can wear a snood, and this usually depends on why you’re wearing it. Snoods can be fashion accessories or face coverings, as well as neck warmers.

When wearing your snood like a scarf, try tucking it into your collar to keep draughts away from your neck, or bring it up over your nose to keep your cheeks warm and protected from cold winds.

In the coldest weather, snoods can also double as alternatives to hoods, hats and ear muffs by pulling them all the way up over your head. They’re a great accessory if you’re caught out by the weather!

Different kinds of snoods

Snoods come in various fabrics, such as knitted wool or synthetic fibres, or soft and cosy fleece versions. The best ones to wear as face coverings are three-layer varieties or those which are covered in antiviral treatment.

One of the reasons snoods are so popular is that they come in such a huge variety of weights, fabrics and colours. They’re also available in different sizes, whether close-fitting, loose or extra-long. This makes them ideal for adults, teens and children alike.

As well as traditional winter snoods, you can also buy lightweight summer snoods, which are perfect for protecting your neck from the sun if you’re outside for long periods. Cyclists also like to wear snoods for protecting their noses and mouths from insects and pollution.

Snoods are also easy to customise, and they can be printed with company logos or designed for specific events, making them useful as workwear or for corporate occasions too.

Wrap up and stay safe in the cold weather this winter with a warm and comfortable snood.


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