Smart Whip Canisters

By using the original large cream charger and a clever pressure release tool, you can work more quickly and precisely. Using some smart whip canisters, you can apply the precise pressure needed to give anything that comes out of a cream dispenser the texture and intensity you want. The market’s most expert cream charger and dispenser ranges are found in Smart Whip canisters. Many bars and restaurants use our products to infuse flavors to make the ideal drink, cocktail, food flavorings, sources, foams, mousses, etc., quickly. In the kitchen, the “Cream Charger” can be used for more than just whipping cream.

Overall, smart whip canisters are a practical and efficient way to squirt cream and other foods. They are long-lasting, simple to use, and capable of producing large amounts of whipped cream quickly. While they are more expensive than traditionally whipped cream dispensers, many users may find their convenience and efficiency to be worth the expenditure. Just remember to use them conscientiously and as directed.


The cream charger is an intriguing and versatile item that can sharpen your culinary talent and make you the strongest chef. It is an excellent culinary ingredient because it contains pure food-grade nitro-us oxide N2O gas. They were created in the middle of the twentieth century and grew stronger and stronger after that.

Smart whip canisters are widely used pressurized cartridges in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Europe, as well as the United States, related territories, and the United Kingdom. Providing pressed gadget products to restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, and specialty entertainment pastime markets is an amazing service to flourishing businesses across various countries. Smart whip canisters motivate you to determine the exact amount of pressure required for each creation by understanding the relationship between foam density and pressure. The entire Smart whip canisters system is made up of an N2O gas tank and a pressure regulator with a custom adapter. Any cream dispenser on the market can be connected to the pressure regulator with a custom adapter.

We can provide you with everything you need to run your enterprise more efficiently, saving you money on raw material costs. We offer first-rate first-class and a wide range of pressurized structures from the world’s leading manufacturers of cream chargers. The Smartwhip canisters wall mount and the Smartwhip cream dispenser are optional accessories for the Smartwhip system.

Intelligent Whip Cream Charger

This cutting-edge whipped cream charger allows for a faster cream charging experience while producing a lot more nitrous oxide than conventional cream chargers, which are highly efficient and excellent operation performers. 

  • Produced using premium stainless steel 
  • Nitrous oxide (E942 food-grade)
  • Complete disposability and recycling
  • Complies with all laws and regulations
  • Tested at 165 bar of pressure

What Exactly Are Cream Chargers?

Whipped cream is an important component in the industries of food and drinks. They are small stainless steel cylinders filled with nitrous oxide gas under pressure (N2O). When you add the whip to the dispenser, the nitrous oxide gas (N2O) reacts with the cream’s fats, gelatins, and other stabilizing agents to create a fluffy, blowing, and delicious whipped cream.


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