Smart Technologies And Cosmetics

Getting started

Everything changes quickly in the cosmetics industry.

Customers have become very sophisticated in the beauty industry. The well-known high street brands are losing out to bespoke, new brands that give you a ‘Smart-latte-with-cinnamon’ experience for your face.

Smart technologies have disrupted the world of personal care and are only gaining more momentum. 

Competition is fiercer than ever, as the projected growth of the sector remains in the billions. National makeup manufacturers, such as Green Chemistry Skin Care specialists keep acquiring tech start-ups in the hopes of inventing the next hot product. If you have been wondering what that could be, keep on reading. 

Innovative Beauty Products

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, smart mirrors, and facial recognition technologies have been slowly ruling over the world of personal care. While a few years ago, 3-D printable makeup seemed like a far-fetched concept, it recently materialized. It exceeded the wildest expectations of many beauty enthusiasts. 

It is lightweight, compact, precise, and versatile. The principle is simple: upload your desired image, select one of the billion color combos, and print. 

Get the special sheet out and test your creation: personalized concealers, mascaras, brow pencils, and bronzers at your fingertips. It does not get better than that (for now, anyway).

Nail Designs: Fast

No, we are not referring to a quick-drying base and top-coat. It has nothing to do with UV lamps either. It builds onto the popular demand for speedy, yet unique nail designs. It incorporates the state-of-art 3-D prints that have taken the industry by surprise. Imagine customizable nail designs completed in less than five minutes. 

The ultimate experience, though, stems from the fact that you will be able to switch your nail art instantly. No filing or nail polish remover is needed. The magic will happen with the aid of magnetic/electrical currents and special ink. 

Natural Silk Fillers?

Have you ever contemplated the idea of injecting some Botox into your face? Have you dreamed of freezing your wrinkles, volumizing your lips, and getting a fuller chin? 

If you answered “yes” but never proceeded because you do not want any synthetics infused into your system, the beauty industry may soon have a solution for you. The demand for bio cosmetics has exponentially risen over the past decade. It is not surprising that this department has been trying to catch up on those recent trends. Natural silk may be the ingredient to kick Botox off from the throne of fillers.  

The only challenge is that beauty enthusiasts will have to accept the fact that silk is derived from various insects, namely, caterpillars, silkworms, and spiders. Its high potential lies in the fact that the human skin responds well to it and becomes smoother than ever. 

Decomposable Beauty Packaging

Along the same lines as natural cosmetics, the concept of biodegradable beauty packaging has been brewing in the labs. Eco packaging is another necessary step toward a more sustainable future. Elevating this concept, though, scientists have been working on packaging made entirely from microorganisms. 

Apparently, feeding a special type of bacteria until it explodes could solve the imminent global issues with plastic pollution. The containers will be 100 % biodegradable, but it is yet to be confirmed whether the contents will be affected by that.