Smart Tech Tips That Will Revolutionize Your Business

When it comes to turning your business venture into a success, you’re going to need technology.

Technology is the heart and soul of modern-day business. It’s used for practically everything, from marketing and sales to analyzing customer behaviors.

Interestingly, you don’t need to be a huge multinational corporation to get your hands on the right technology. Even as a start-up with limited resources, you’d still be able to use technology to your advantage without breaking the bank, as it’s now very accessible.

With this in mind, here are some smart tech tips that will revolutionize your business for the better.

1.    Use job scheduling software

Not everyone in the world of business is a tech expert – it’s a fact.

In the past, this would be a major problem. Now, though, it isn’t. Why? Because there’s software that you can use to automate routine (and tiresome) IT tasks. This is great, as it makes life easier for employees while saving you time and money.

JAMS offers job scheduling software for IT processes. For example, this included sending job distribution alerts to the right employees when there are spikes in customer demand.

2.    Focus on social media

Social media is a big part of modern tech. 

Specifically, you should be looking to establish your brand on the major platforms that are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

On top of this, you should also use YouTube and LinkedIn as marketing and networking tools.

When you post on social media, you can cover a variety of different bases. For example, it’s common for successful businesses to post product updates, industry Q&As, exciting photos, and videos, as well as more light-hearted content such as memes and funny vlogs.

Additionally, make sure you provide some level of customer service through your social media pages. Now, thanks to the messaging features that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide, you can reply to any DMs that customers send you.

3.    Build an email list

Email marketing has now become a major force in digital marketing. For many businesses, it’s been their one-way ticket to success. For this reason, you need to build a reliable email list.

Email marketing works so well because is captures the attention of consumers – especially Gen Z and millennials. Younger audiences always have their smartphones with them, which is why they tend to open and engage with any marketing emails they receive from companies.

Also, pro tip: marketing emails sent during weekdays tend to perform the best; with Monday experiencing the highest open rates. This is because people are often busy at the weekend and turn off their email notifications.

4.    Provide employees with collaboration apps

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Workspace, and Dropbox Business are all excellent examples of collaboration apps that businesses are currently using.

For example, Microsoft Teams enables employees to create and share documents with each other, brainstorm ideas, and hold video meetings. For businesses that have a lot of remote employees, this is key.

5.    Host regular webinars

Speaking of remote employees, you should make it a priority to host regular webinars.

Webinars are brilliant for keeping everyone in the loop – from your in-house employees to remote workers. They create a genuine face-to-face feel while providing a platform for feedback, idea sharing, and much more.