Smart packing ideas 2021

When people plan a move, many of them picture themselves happily unpacking boxes in a new place. Unpacking is supposed to be the best part, the fun part. But let me tell you the truth. When it is time for unpacking, you are exhausted. You have planned everything, you have managed a thousand things to move out from your old place, you have hired movers Toronto to undertake the task. And now you are just dog-tired looking at a bunch of boxes and wondering where everything is going to go.

Most moving services Toronto offer packing all your belongings, and they also tape your furniture in blankets. But unpacking is what you do on your own. I am not familiar with any local Toronto movers that do the unpacking

Let me give you a hint. If you want to unpack fast, you have to be a smart packer! Trust me, I am an experienced mover already. Carefully planned packing is the key to success! It is not a big deal when there are just a couple of boxes. But what if there are forty-five? Or even a hundred?

Boxes, never too many

First of all, you need to determine what kind of boxes you need for your move. Boxes come of different types and different sizes: small, medium, and large. Also, there are some special types of boxes, for example:

– boxes for transporting mirrors;

– TV boxes;

– picture boxes;

– wardrobe boxes;

– dish and glassware boxes.

Corrugated wardrobe boxes are usually extra thick and equipped with a metal rod that allows transporting your clothes right on the hangers. Dish and glass boxes have extra layers to protect individual items. You may use a flat-screen TV cover together with the designated box to protect your TV from dust and dirt. Picture moving boxes are really useful if you have a lot of wall decor. I can tell you from my experience that picture frames break easily if unprotected. Look for an adjustable telescopic picture or TV box that consists of 2 half-boxes that can be adjusted to the desired size.

I personally recommend using more medium and small boxes rather than large boxes. People tend to overpack large boxes and put more than 30 kilograms there, making them hard to handle.

Labels, labels, labels…

The best idea that I learned from a moving company in Toronto that helped me with my second move is that you should label the boxes. It is so simple, but when you are overwhelmed with a relocation process in general, you do not give importance to something like labeling.

Moving is a big project in your mind, but it is made up of smaller tasks.

Use anything that you think would help you to manage a mountain of boxes that all look the same. The helper from that cross country moving company was using scotch tape of different colors to mark the boxes from different rooms. You can use permanent markers as well. My children had a lot of fun with their stuff: my daughter drew unicorns on every box from her room and my son was playing around with stickers that he found in his drawers.

You can use the color-coded system for your boxes, you can put numbers on them, or the name of the room, or the list of important items that are inside.

One box, one room

All best moving companies Canada recommend that you do not mix items from different rooms in one box. Inside every box try to pack items from one room only.

Otherwise, everything is going to be a mess when you start unpacking. For example, you may have books or magazines in many places in your house. Pack them separately. You may take photos of your bookshelves before you start packing. You will have reference pictures to be able to replicate that look in your new home.

Necessities: pack them last and unpack them first

There are things that you will want to use right away on your first day in a new place. Of course, there are essentials that everybody needs like toiletries, fresh towels, and a change of clothes. Chargers for your laptop and telephone, of course. Prescription pills. I suggest you should write everything down as soon as you think about it, because in the hectic atmosphere of moving it is so easy to forget something important.

Think of the items that you can not do without. Maybe it is a coffee maker or a toaster that you need for a nice start to the day. Maybe it is a hairdryer that you just can’t do without, or a bottle warmer for your baby, or a soft toy that helps your child to fall asleep. Keep track of those things, but it is all on the list. Make sure that things that matter most are under control. Create special vivid labeling for the boxes with necessities.

Need moving boxes and packing supplies?

Province to province moving companies are licensed and insured, and they have everything you need, including moving tools. When you hire the best movers in Toronto, you can make certain that all your belongings are handled with a lot of care. If you still want to do it yourself, you can buy moving supplies at Uhaul or search for free boxes on Marketplace.

Whatever your decision is, just remember, that the way to trouble-free unpacking is proper planning. Good luck and happy moving! 

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