Smart Mini-Stores all around the city place

Toronto-Based Startup announces the appearance of Smart Mini-Stores that anyone can

own and control in the street.

After having smart-phones, smart-fans, smart-outlets, smart-TVs, smart-speakers, it is time

to bring the novelty outdoors. Smart Mini-Stores allow anybody to obtain our own device

outside in the street and sell products 24 hours/day.

The Mini-Stores are autonomous and can connect to smartphones. What’s more, users can

search products on the map and purchase and pick them up via smartphones. This will

create a distributed network all around the city.

Imagine needing a charger or a gift instantly? Just search on an extrAbility app and find it

near you anytime instantly. No need to wait for the store to open and avoid shipping fees and

times from online stores.

This new innovation and concept will boost the variety of products. Everybody will be able to

have their own mini-store and manage and control easily.

For businesses, bringing products to a centralized store is very hard as they are limited in

space therefore they charge high margins to the small local companies. extrAbility goes with

a decentralized and distributed approach by bringing innovation.

Mini-Stores are:

● Smart

● WIFI/Bluetooth Support

● iOS/Android App

● Location Configuration

● Built-in Encryption

● Distributed System management

● Analytics

● Configurable

It is designed to fit most fo products regardless of dimensions

● Multiple Segments: Up to 10 segments on each floor based on product


● Products can be all unique, walls prevent accessing only a single item.

● Multiple Floors with a variable height

● up to 110 lbs (50 KG) products inside

● Personalized

Owners can control their Mini-Store + apply their branding

● Choose colours and apply their logos

● Manage inventory inside anytime

● Control the product descriptions

● Mobile

● Mini-Stores can operate autonomously (no need to have a hub, kiosk, just

plugin and activate). It can be operated even offline via Bluetooth using offline

generated secure tokens

● Lightwave design allows stores to be relocated if an owner decides to change

the location based on market demand

Not only individuals and small local businesses but even existing stores can get the Smart

Mini-Store as an extension for the operation of their off-hours.

Additionally, extrAbility will open its own installation areas that come with a Kiosk where will

be included:

● Security

● Insurance

● Maintenance

● Advertising

● Rent-free

Therefore, Smart Mini-Store owners can operate it autonomously or choose one of the

installation areas.

extrAbility has a patent-protected system and methods of operation starting from the US and

Canada. The goal of the company is to introduce more smart city devices and make Toronto the