Smart Cities The Need of the Hour for Urban Development

The population in urban areas is increasing day by day. Due to this, providing basic necessities to each resident is getting difficult for the government.So, the question arises, what is the solution to this problem? Well, to maintain and improve urban development, building smart cities is the sole solution.However, before learning what is so special about Smart Cities, it is essential to understand what actually smart cities are.

Smart City – What is it?

In simple words, incorporating information and communication technology (ICT) in daily life and eliminating old traditional methods of providing services is the motto of smart cities.

How Smart Cities Improve Quality of Life in Urban Areas?

These days, people living in cities are facing multiple problems from pollution to traffic jams and poor health systems. All this is something that raises the question in individuals’ minds, of whether they should invest in cities or not.

Well the concern is genuine and the solution is also available but the process demands time. However, if you research you will find about the cities that turned smart by using technology in the correct way. Singapore tops the chart among those.

Now you might say that these are well-developed nations and what about the countries that aren’t developed? Well, the information you are about to hear might surprise you. Pakistan has taken steps towards becoming smart and launched a very smart city project in Islamabad by the name Capital Smart City.

Wondering what smart cities have there to offer you? Here are the points that will surely help!

Improved Infrastructure

In cities, infrastructure plays a key role. However, as time passes, they need repair and maintenance. Without technology, finding out about such things isn’t simple. A lot of man force is needed.

Contrary to that, smart city technology solves this issue in the blink of an eye. The sensors around the buildings, roads, and other infrastructure find out about the issues and information to the officials. As a result, inspection and maintenance get done on time. All of this helps in saving resources, time, and money. 

Promises Healthy Living Environment

Everyone deserves to lead a happy and healthy life. However, those living in cities are failing to lead a healthy life due to extensive pollution. But not anymore as smart cities have smart solutions to this major problem.

For example, rather than traveling in a personal vehicle, a modern transportation system is there, so everyone can travel to their desired location on time and in comfort.

Secondly, to ensure everyone gets medical facilities on time, residents can get in touch with doctors via video call. This is a step that is equally beneficial for the health community.

Smart Cities are Energy-Efficient

To produce energy, almost every country is using natural resources. However, due to the rapid increase in population, it is high time to go for methods in which natural resources aren’t required to produce energy. As otherwise, we will be left with nothing.

Smart cities like the smart city in Lahore (LSC) and others understand this well and are opting for ways that are energy efficient. Also, to ensure zero wastage of water and gas, sensors are installed all around. These sensors identify the leakage of gas or water instantly.

Smart Solution to Avoid Traffic Jams

In big cities, traffic jams are hard to avoid. But if you are planning to move to a smart city very soon, this worry of yours is about to end.

Smart Cities work like a magic world. In short, they have solutions for everything. A little example might explain everything better to you.

  • The public transport routes are all set as per the demand of the travelers using IoT
  • To manage traffic flow, smart traffic lights are used
  • The latest technology also updates the residents about the traffic situation from time to time

Provide Better Safety & Security

These days no one feels safe, even in their homes surrounded by cameras. The chance someone might break-in in your presence or absence is always there. All this is because of one reason, the increase in population, as it decreases jobs. People fail to get basic necessities like food and look for simple yet wrong ways to make easy money.

Considering these smart cities are taking steps to improve everything along with making cities smarter.

Improved Government and Citizen Engagement

Nowadays, citizens are expecting the government to provide user-friendly services on a large scale. These services should be contemporary, and modern must include self-service portals and should be intuitive in their working capacity. All such things are offered by a smart city. A smart city provides state-of-the-art life amenities for its residents which makes it a tempting place for residents to live in.

A smart city also streamlines numerous processes such as providing easy access to government data, producing interactive maps, and gives an insight into the federal dashboard, hence doing all the bare minimum to increase the citizen’s visibility. This culminates in providing an enhanced citizen-government relationship that thrives with time.

Furthermore, they also build a more trustful relationship between both parties which is equally beneficial for them.

Improved Transportation

One of the biggest demerits of urbanization and overpopulation is the problem of traffic. The long lines of traffic jams not only decrease the overall quality of the environment through the release of fossil fuels but also lead to time loss and overuse of resources. Such issues can be reduced just by the presence of an integrated traffic system that streamlines the overall flow of traffic as well as reduces congestion and optimizes the travel flow, especially during peak times.

The Bottom Line

Hence there is no denying the fact that smart cities are the ultimate solution to urbanization. It is the need of the hour not only for its aesthetic appeal but for increasing overall life efficiency and decreasing the burden on the environment. Smart cities also promise digital equity which promises resilience and enhanced productivity.

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