Small packages delivery to Germany

Imagine that you want to send parcel to Germany or another country, it is very important to choose a reliable sender so that it would be not just fast, but also not too expensive. However, there are a lot of companies that provide shipping services. To choose the right one can be a hard task. 

What to look for

It is important to pay attention to:

  • Manage pickup. Look at services that provide complete online scheduling and management of pickups and shipments.
  • Personalised rates. If you have a lot of shipping to do, look at companies that provide discounts based on your shipping volume.
  • Account management. For people that have a need to send a lot of packages to different receivers will definitely benefit from online account management tools including online billing, and address book, support on custom documents, and more.
  • Advanced shipping tool
  • Free supplies

It is important

Remember that not everything can be sent through the network. These are referred to as Prohibited items which aren’t covered by transit warranty. Samples of prohibited items include:

  • Articles of outstanding value (e.g. works of art, antiques, diamonds, precious stones, gold and silver)
  • Animals live or deceased / animal skins / furs / any animal parts including meat
  • Dangerous goods


The price of a parcel payment depends on certain factors. First thing to account is the weight and measurements of your package. Also the more urgent you want the parcel to reach its destination, the pricier it would be. Check if transit cover is required. We offer a wide range of options online – from cheap parcel delivery to all included premium service. 

Urgent delivery

Shipping offers are divided into:

  • Same day services or services delivered next day by a particular time
  • Weekend deliveries (postcode dependant)
  • Longer delivery services
  • If your parcel is only travelling a small distance. These services can be really competitive and they benefit from being loaded onto a dedicated vehicle.
  • If your parcel is not urgent then you’ll economize on one among our more economic services that are even as great, but might take a touch longer.

Additional information

In addition to our same day services, It is required that every shipping label be printed and attached to your parcel. The label contains a unique barcode and that allows for you to track your parcel whilst in transit.

All in all, choose the parcel shipping service according to your needs, because there is no one good decision that will fit all your needs. Be careful and vet your chosen company. 

Presented by: Ecoparcel.eu