Small Bongs for Beginners

Smoking with a bong is a favorite recreational activity of many users. You may have tried a small bong with your friends. This may have motivated you to buy a similar model to enjoy smoking at home.

Of course, you may also want more information on small bongs for beginners. Luckily, you don’t have to look far for the details. Here is everything you need to know about small bongs for beginners.

A Brief Introduction to Small Bongs?

A mini bong is a smoking device that comes with a chamber, neck, downstem, and bowl. It holds water and uses it to filter the steam when smoking different materials. The primary purpose of the small water bottle bong is to cool the smoke before you inhale it for a safer experience.

Typically, small bongs are four to seven inches tall. They may also be called mini bongs by various users and shops. The best part about such models is that they offer high convenience, easy cleaning features, and better portability.

A small bong also allows you to smoke more discreetly and can be stored easily after smoking. In this way you can enjoy various features when getting such an item.

Types Of Small Bongs

Before you purchase a specific small bong, it is essential to understand the different types of cute bongs on the market. This will allow you to invest in the best product for your needs. So here are the top small bongs you must know of:

  1. Straight Tube Bongs

As the title suggests, these small bongs are straight and have a tubular structure. The width from the mouthpiece to the item’s base is the same and offers a simple design to the users. This sleek model is made for easy handling to suit a beginner perfectly.

The stem or bowl is primarily a quarter up from the bong’s base. This makes it easier for beginners and novice users to smoke from the item. You can also easily clean a tubular bong because it creates fewer residues than larger models.

  • Beaker Bongs

These small bongs have a similar structure to straight tube bongs but with a key difference. The water holding capacity of this type is larger because of the taller design, so that you can enjoy longer hits with beaker bongs more easily.

Many people get this type if they smoke with a group of friends to enjoy a longer smoking session with one bong. The model is also more reliable than other types because of its high stability. This is mainly because the center of gravity for beaker bongs is lower.

Beaker bongs are also better suited for beginners who are clumsy or looking for longer smoking sessions.

  • Zig Zag Bongs

A unique type of small bong you will encounter on the market is the zig-zag bong. Some companies and users also call this device a zong bong because of its zig-zag-shaped neck. This is an eye-catching feature due to its unique shape and appearance.

The primary purpose of this design is to prevent splash back when filling the bong. It also helps you avoid spilling the material to help you enjoy a better smoking experience. Another benefit of the zig-zag shape is that it increases the distance the smoke has to travel.

So the smoke is cooled more before reaching your mouth. This ensures a safer and more flavorful hit with less throat irritation. You can enjoy smoother smoke in zig zag bongs, allowing the product to be better for beginners.

  • Round Base Bongs

These cool bongs are similar to beaker bongs, but their base is round instead of flat. The item also has a larger capacity than straight tubes and beaker bongs because of the greater surface area. Many people buy this model to enjoy a more advanced look because only pros use round base bongs.

You must also remember that this small bong is less stable than other models on the market. This is mainly because of the round base. So you must be more careful when handling this small model.

This type also comes in medium and large sizes, so you must check the specifications before deciding to buy a round base model.

  • Percolator Bongs

Percolator small bongs may look similar to a coffeemaker, but they do not make any beverages. Instead, the advanced system increases the diffusion rate of the smoke. This allows the bong to cool more smoke before it reaches your mouth.

The internal percolator allows you to enjoy an ultra-smooth hit without any coughing. This type will trap most of the toxins inside the chamber, so you can clean the residues later. Because of the efficient system, you can stay safer when smoking through a percolator bong.

This device may have some cons, such as its high price, but most people prefer to buy it.

  • Multi-Chamber Small Bongs

This is the final type of small bong you will encounter on the market. However, it is also the most versatile model you will come across. This is because the product not only cools smoke but also purifies it before it reaches your mouth.

Your throat will not irritate because of the toxins in the smoking material. You also do not face any coughing due to the smoother hit. The best part is that the device may look complex, but it is relatively easy to use. This bong also functions like other traditional models.

However, you must remember that multi-chamber bongs are the most expensive on this list. Hence you should consider your budget before deciding on a specific model.

Closing Thoughts

This is all you need to know about small bongs for beginners. Such models are easily portable and offer more convenience to users. You can also clean them more easily because mini bongs produce fewer residues than other models.

You can find such models easily on Amazon, eBay, and other online sites. Remember to always consider your needs and budget before choosing a specific bong. This will help you get the best model without breaking the bank.