Small bedroom design ideas for small spaces

Even the smallest of box rooms may be transformed into a comfortable compact bedroom with the addition of a modern wall bed, and intelligent furniture placement can turn it into a multi-functional space with study and storage facilities.

To maximize the potential of a small bedroom, careful planning and a dash of inspiration are all that’s required. Before you begin decorating, have a look at these single bedroom and small bedroom design ideas.

Replace the bed with a Wall bed

When space is limited, consider implementing a wall bed rather than a standard bed. It uses a regular mattress for added comfort and folds up to resemble a closet or cabinet, freeing up crucial floor space for a workstation and chair.

Make sure the surrounding furniture is light enough to move easily to accommodate a Wall bed. If your ceiling height is sufficient, consider a bespoke alternative like a basic mezzanine with a sleeping area on a raised platform and a wardrobe or shelving below.

Make use of other multipurpose furnishings

Aside from your wall bed, there are many kinds of multifunctional furniture comes in handy when space is limited. Look for pieces that can serve many purposes, such as a storage ottoman that can be used as a seat at the foot of the bed while also serving as a convenient storage space for additional blankets and layers. Keeping the additional bedding hidden helps to create a clutter-free environment, which helps the room feel bigger.

A wall bed can help keep things simple

When you need to pare down to the fundamentals in a tiny space, symmetry is your friend. For a simple, easy-on-the-eye concept, double up on bedside cabinets and lighting. To achieve visual balance and add clarity and vitality, use hits of repeated colour. For an extra splash of detail, paint or stain your wall bed to match your overal design concept for the room.

As a fail-safe space enhancer, choose a pale colour palette. Soft neutrals provide just the appropriate amount of warmth, while simple wall decorations attract the eye to the bed and keep it there.

Consider hanging a mirror

Reflective surfaces offer the visual illusion of more space in a small bedroom, making it feel bigger. Who hasn’t strolled into a pub and assumed it was twice the size, only to discover that it was a cunning use of mirrors that fooled you? Mirrored closets, a reflective shining wall covering, and mirrored bedside tables are employed to make the small bedroom appear larger.

If employing all three feels overwhelming, don’t worry; the same principles apply when only one of these aspects is used. When planning the arrangement of your small bedroom, consider where you can best install reflective surfaces.

Rethink the design around your wall bed

Rethinking the typical layout in a small bedroom is always a good idea. Arrange the furniture in such a way that you don’t feel overwhelmed. To avoid the area feeling crowded, you can place the wall bed and the majority of the furniture against one wall, preferably the wall you see the least when you’re in it. This provides ample floor space for additional activities, and the shelving on a wall bed can be used for further decoration.

Try to keep the number of furniture in a tiny bedroom to a minimum by using clever multifunctional items like the modern wall beds and a sideboard that also serves as a dressing table.

Consider your surface options

Paint is a fantastic answer for a variety of decorating issues. Not only can a splash of colour quickly enliven a space, making it feel more inviting, but it may also be utilized to address larger aesthetic difficulties, such as making tiny spaces appear larger.

Move storage off the ground

Hanging a storage unit on the wall instead of a bedside table on the floor will instantly free up room, and one with a slide-down desk will provide you with a spot to sit and do your make-up or place your morning coffee. The Lori Bed features internal shelving where you can store infrequently used items during the day, clearing more space to make the room feel larger.

Consider using a sliding-door wardrobe

Do you have little space in your bedroom but a lot of clothes that need to be put away? Consider a sliding-door wardrobe. On one side, this piece has a full-height rail, five drawers, and a half-height wardrobe above with adjustable shelves.

The convenience of modern wall beds

Quality, ease of installation, and affordability make the Lori Bed a smart buy. Unlike other furniture stores or online retailers, like IKEA or Wayfair, Lori Wall Beds specializes in one well-made product. Our team of associates are true experts in the subject and can help with everything from determining the best bed to fit your space to helping with the installation.