Small Bathroom? Make a Big Difference With These Minor Improvements

Those who have a small bathroom can feel a bit claustrophobic. For instance, they might bump into objects too often or feel uncomfortable with staying in the room for a long time. There are several ways to improve the quality of a tiny bathroom.

Create Storage

Since it can be a challenge to find places to store items, it’s necessary to get creative. For example, stacking towels on an artful rack underneath the sink is smart. Another idea is to mount basket shelves on the wall. Additionally, try storing cleaning supplies inside an under-sink cabinet. Besides this, place things like a trash bag dispenser, paper towel holder, and caddy or bucket to be ready to clean when necessary.

Add Mirrors

Hanging multiple mirrors on one wall or mirroring an entire wall can create the illusion of space. Mirrors reflect patterns, light and even open doorways which opens up a room. Those who’d like a minimalistic look that appears chic and amplifies light can consider backlighting the mirror above the sink. Moreover, mirrors can provide a modern and sophisticated look, and balance out the design of the room.

Clear the Floor

Leaving clutter on the floor can cause tripping, falling and plenty of frustration. For one, try utilizing a pedestal or floating sink, and floating storage to avoid hazards. Plus, pedestal sinks can be a highly attractive addition to almost any tiny bathroom. Further, place necessities on top of floating storage so everything you need is at arm’s length.

Install Shelves

Not only can shelving be easy to install, but it also creates a place for artistic objects, shampoo bottles and other personal items. In fact, it takes about 20 minutes to install a shelf in the shower. Alternatively, a shower niche can be aesthetically pleasing and practical. Furthermore, use a narrow ledge for essentials such as toothbrushes, mirrors and other items.

Try Compact Pieces

While massive vanities and huge tubs can be magnificent in a large bathroom, smaller bathrooms can benefit from more compact pieces. For one thing, a Japanese soaking tub can make the room feel serene and minimalistic. In addition, compact sinks and toilets can be elegant.

Other ways to upgrade a space include choosing a wall-mounted faucet, adding a towel ladder, installing a skylight and organizing with closeted storage, among others. With a few minor adjustments, a small bathroom can be stylish and comfortable. Plus, almost anyone can enjoy making the area more livable by getting creative. For more ideas about bathroom renovations in Hornsby or anywhere else, you can consult with a contractor to figure out what works best for your home.