Sleeping dog: how to choose the right basket, cushion or basket?

Choosing the right bedding for your dog is not easy. Faced with the many models, sizes, materials, textures and designs present on the market, it is not easy to navigate. The main thing is to find the most comfortable and reassuring bed for your animal while respecting its hygiene and your budget. Discover our tips for making the right choice.

Choose from the different types of beds

There are several types of dog beds, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The plastic basket or basket

The plastic basket is an economical type of bedding, which is easy to clean and transport. On the other hand, it is not sufficient in itself; to feel good there, your dog will need a comfortable mattress.

This type of bed has the advantage of being solid, which is a real plus for dogs who like to bite everywhere and it is hygienic. After the slightest accident or in the event of a parasitic attack, cleaning is very simple.

Plastic is preferable to wicker. Admittedly, it is less aesthetic, but it does not present any risks, whereas the wicker, when it is bitten by the dog, can perforate its stomach.

The mattress or the carpet

The mattress or the mat being flexible, they bring a good comfort to your animal. On the other hand, their maintenance can be more difficult, the large sizes of mattresses and rugs or certain materials not passing in the washing machine. In addition, some dogs do not appreciate the lack of privacy and protection that characterize these types of beds.

Avoid foam models if your dog likes to nibble on his bed. There is a risk of swallowing the filling foam and when it swells in the stomach, it is very dangerous.

The blanket

The covers come closer to the rugs and dog bed mattress. Some models are padded to be self-sufficient, but their maintenance is sometimes complex. Others are thinner and simpler to line a basket, a basket or a bassinet. Machine washing is then possible, depending on the material.

The cushion

The cushions are very pleasant sleeping places for small dogs. Easy to transport and install anywhere, they are also easier to clean, because their small dimensions can be washed in the washing machine.

The bassinet

The bassinet is the most comfortable bed, which offers good privacy to your pet. In general, they are more difficult to maintain, but now many models overcome this by dissociating the bedding from the surroundings in order to wash the first in the machine. It is suitable for dogs of all sizes and although it is a little expensive, it is practical and very pleasant.

The niche

The kennel is above all suitable for dogs who are used to spending some time outdoors. You can decorate it with a basket-type bed to bring more comfort to your animal, in addition to the tranquility and privacy it enjoys. However, a doghouse is more expensive than other formats and it is not always easy to maintain.

Prefer a wooden niche to a plastic model, generally more fragile and cold. Opt for a lined and well-insulated model, if possible with a raised floor to prevent your dog from coming into contact with humidity. The kennel is a very popular place for some dogs who are naturally used to it. On the other hand, do not place it in a draft, in full heat or on the contrary facing winds and rains. Finally, in winter, plan to sleep in the garage so that your pet is not exposed to extreme cold.

The tipi

This new form of sleeping is appreciated by dogs who like their privacy and feel reassured. With a unique opening and protection on all sides, the fearful or sensitive dog will be reassured and sheltered.

Which sleeping material to choose?

The material of the bed is important, as much for the comfort as for the hygiene or the safety of your animal.

  • Plastic : very resistant, it is strong and easy to maintain, especially for a puppy learning the rules of cleanliness. However, it has the drawback of being a little cold and hard, and it is not very aesthetic. A good blanket or a nice rug will make it very comfortable.
  • The fabric : classic fabric or fleece is very comfortable. On the other hand, if your dog has long hair, you will have difficulty cleaning him. Despite everything, a machine pass is always possible.
  • Leather : solid and elegant, leather seduces with its nobility. On the other hand, it is more expensive than other materials and its maintenance is often delicate. It is advisable to wait until your dog is an adult to buy one, that he has learned the rules of cleanliness well and that he does not have fun biting anything that comes within his reach.
  • Wicker : despite its very aesthetic character, wicker is strongly discouraged due to the many accidents it causes. Dogs tend to chew on it and swallowed osier causes digestive disturbances at best, stomach perforation at worst that can lead to death.

Which bed size to choose?

The size of the bed should be carefully considered. A bed that is too small will not allow your dog to feel comfortable there to sleep there and he may abandon it. Sleeping too big can make them feel unsafe. Choose a model that best respects the morphology of your animal. Ideally, by measuring your dog from nose to tail, you will need to add about 30cm to it to allow him to feel comfortable without having too much space.

Also remember that a puppy is growing. Don’t invest in luxury sleeping arrangements until your pet has reached full adult size.

In short, what is the right choice?

The choice is yours, but to meet the needs and well-being of your pet, the ideal bedding is:

  • A plastic bed lined with a machine washable blanket or pillow, for more hygienic reasons.
  • A solid bed adapted to the morphology of your animal and its age, neither too big nor too small.
  • Avoid worn wicker and foam cushions, which are dangerous for the dog.

Your animal may have other requirements with regard to his habits, your lifestyle and his or your interior. Try to answer them as best as possible, always ensuring their comfort, health, bedding maintenance and your budget at Pet Bedding Store.