Slack Desktop App Features that Make it Popular than Slack Web App

The slack desktop app is a great business messaging app that can work both asynchronously as well as in real-time. This makes it the perfect solution for the all-remote and hybrid work environment. This app allows users to send and receive messages more concisely than other communication apps.

One of the big USP of this app is that it allows the user a lot of customization options that many other business communication apps fail to provide to their users. While this app has its advantages, it has a few issues also. 

However, some of the issues that you may find worrisome can be fixed by changing the preferences in the setting of this app. So, overall there are more advantages of a desktop app compared to a web app. We are going to discuss some features of the slack desktop app that makes it better than a slack web app.

7 features that make the slack desktop app so wonderful

Here is a list of 7 features that increases the popularity of the Slack desktop app.

Desktop notifications

In the Slack desktop app when you close down the notification window, it would minimize it to your tray, unlike the browser option. In the slack web app when you close the tab in which you have Slack workspace, then you will not get any notifications. To receive notifications in the Slack browser, you have to keep the tab open.

On the other hand, in the Slack desktop app, when you close down the workspace tab, it would minimize and sit on the tray. And it will show the notification so that you don’t miss out on an important message.

You can also customize the notification sound for every single message or just for a particular message that contains a keyword that you have included in the notification preference page settings. If you have checked the ‘nothing’ option on the notification preference page, then you will not receive any notification, but you can see badges within the Slack button.

Sound an appearance of notification

The Slack desktop app allows you to customize how the notification will behave, look and sound. It also comes with two new features. One of the features allows you to choose how you will receive the notification. 

You can receive the notification through the Slack built-in system, the Windows action Centre or get an abbreviated notification through the windows action Centre. However, for the Slack browser, you have to depend upon the windows action Centre.

The second feature is a change in the notification setting that allows you to customize the browser icon to flash whenever you get a notification. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on an important message.

Works even when the Internet connection is slow

The Slack desktop app comes with an interesting feature that works perfectly even if you are facing a slow Internet speed. This feature allows you to open Slack and look at channels and other conversations that you have opened previously. 

You will not get any connection error message and you can easily roll back and look at the messages of your session, even if the Internet signal drops or completely goes out.

The app requires less memory space

When you use the Slack desktop app, it uses almost half the memory compared to what is needed by the Slack web app. Therefore, if you have to work in multiple workspaces and shuffle between numerous channels every hour, your day-to-day interaction with the Slack desktop app would be faster and smoother compared to the slack web app.

It offers more keyboard shortcuts

Unlike the Slack web app, the new desktop app offers many more keyboard shortcuts which makes your task of using the Slack desktop app much easier. 

The reason for this is, that the web app has several shortcuts reserved which are freed up in the standalone desktop app. The additional shortcuts make the app more convenient and faster to use.

Faster switching between Slack teams

When switching between Slack teams in the web browser you have to use Ctrl+ 1-9. However, sometimes the browser can override this command. A workaround for this problem is to open numerous tabs and allot individual tabs for specific workspaces. However, this is very complicated.

However, if you are using the Slack desktop app, then the Ctrl+1-9 command will work smoothly. You will also see all the Slack workspaces at the top left of your screen in a small panel. If needed, you can press the + key to add more workspaces there.

Slack desktop app performance faster

The Slack desktop app is nearly 33% faster to launch compared to the Slack web app. Additionally, if you call through the Slack desktop app, you will find that is also much faster (nearly 10 times quicker). This allows you to improve your productivity by using the Slack desktop app for internal communication.


Slack has risen sharply in its popularity due to the range of features and functionalities it offers. Its level of customization makes it perfect as you can change it as per your needs. This messaging app can be a great team app for you and your office colleagues, where you can converse and hold discussions.

If you overlook its high price and some of its drawbacks, then this app offers a great deal to the users in terms of flexibility, functionality, customization, and ease of use.