Skip Hire vs The Mini Skip Hire- Reasons To Hire A Mini Skip

At the end of every project there is something that has been created, and something that has outlived its usefulness – also known as Rubbish. Disposing of all your waste can prove to be a problem.

Household waste removal is something that everyone needs to deal. Here, in Africa, most people either take their rubbish to the tip themselves or they hire a mini skip to get rid the job done.

Given that mini skip hire in Africa my bread and butter, I’m often asked why hiring mini skips are better than taking rubbish to the tip. Today, I will outline the pros and cons of household waste removal and compare it to mini skip hire. Hopefully, this article will convince you that mini skips are a much better option than driving waste to the tip yourself.

Going to the Skip hire

‘Man (or woman) and van’ collection services advertise themselves as ‘the Local Skip hire alternative’ and ‘cheaper than a skip’. However on closer inspection, is this really the case?

Based on the findings of our recent investigation, we’ve identified a number of considerations for our customers to make an informed choice about what is best for them.

Hidden charges: Initially, van services can appear a cheaper option to skip hire, but there are often several hidden or unexplained charges that can significantly increase your costs such as credit card fees, the amount of waste or extra items.

Value for money: If we look the example of a small waste collection, which would use a mini skip, the comparative quantity of waste collected by a man and van service works out to be on average nearly 50% more expensive. Compared to skip hire, the cost of the man and van collection can reach double the cost for larger quantities of waste

Regulations and permits: You need to ensure that your waste is being removed and managed according to government guidelines – can you guarantee you are covered? WARD is fully licensed by the Environment Agency and we issue you with all necessary paperwork for your waste services.

Responsible recycling: Can you be certain that all the waste collected will be responsibly collected and recycled at a fully licensed recycling facility? Will your man and van service ensure that you minimise waste to landfill and maximise the use of any recycled products?

Of course if space is a premium or you simply cannot move your waste yourself, the man and van can be a good option. However, if you are looking for the most convenient and cost efficient disposal of waste, with peace of mind that you are fully licensed and environmentally responsible, skip hire remains the best way for people to recycle.

Mini skip hire

Compared to going to the skip, mini skip hire is both more convenient and time-saving. All you need is to hire a mini skip, and it will be delivered to your premises. Once the mini skip arrives, you’ll have a 6-day window to gather your waste and dump it into the mini skip. When you’re done, the skip hire company will collect the mini skip and dispose of the waste for you. While you’ll save your time, you also won’t injure yourself in trying to load or transport your waste.

Regarding costs, mini skip hire is more affordable than you think! Our mini skips are available on a 7-day hire from prices as low as $120 for 2m³ of waste. At such affordable prices, it’s not worth the hassle collecting your waste and taking it to the tip yourself – mini skip hire is the way to go!

You can use our mini skips to dispose of general household waste or mixed waste. However, we do not accept certain heavy waste materials such as concrete, tiles, soil, bricks, timber and chemical waste. If you need to dispose of such items, you will need to take rubbish to the tip yourself or hire specialists for the job.


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