Everything You Need to Know About Skin Lightening Treatment

All women, regardless of their age, want even and radiant skin, and for most women, the challenge begins with dark spots and hyperpigmentation, which can be caused by the natural skin pigment melanin. 

And for that, the only solution is skin lightening treatment, which is not only popular in India but around the world. Skin lightening treatment in Bangalore is not just to offer a skin tone lighter than they have; this treatment reduces the melanin pigment in the skin to achieve a brighter skin tone.  

From laser treatment to chemical peels, there are various options available for skin whitening treatment. These treatments aim to reduce the excessive melanin from the skin, and the accumulation of melanin causes dark spots and uneven skin tone. The reduction of this accumulation will give even and radiant skin tone. 

Myths and Facts

Some people misunderstood skin lightening with skin brightening or whitening, but according to an expert dermatologist, skin whitening is one of the popular myths. It is one of the popular misconceptions, and dermatologists strongly rule out fading skin color beyond the natural one. Using harsh chemicals is not a safe option, but it also stems from social prejudices.

Best Options for Skin Lightening Treatment in Bangalore: 

According to your needs, different kinds of treatments can be done to achieve skin lightening. You can go with the skiing lightning procedure for the specified body part or a face lightening treatment. Here are some of the treatments: 

1. Chemical Peels: In this chemical peeling procedure, a solution containing AHA i.e., alpha hydroxy acids from the natural extracts are applied on the skin to remove the outer. You can say the damaged layer of the skin accumulates by the melanin, allowing healthier lower skin to appear on the surface.

In short, chemical peels are the gentle option to reduce the tan, dark spots, blemishes, or to even out the skin.  

2. Laser Treatment: The laser treatment effectively helps in reducing skin concerns like dark skin, dark spots, pigmentation, or tanning. In this laser procedure, the concerned skin is exposed to a concentrated beam of light, which is high in energy and breaks the excess melanin, which is further dispersed by the natural immune system in the skin. And as a result, healthier and brighter skin appears, the regenerated skin is flawless. 

3. Skin Lightening Injections: This one is the most popular skin lightening treatment in Bangalore. These injections contain glutathione, which is a skin-lightening agent. Skin lightening injections detoxify the body, protect the skin from harsh UV rays, and promote fair skin tone. According to the Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database, the use of these injections is safe, but excess use of these can also cause side effects. 

4. Skin Lightening Products: If we talk about the skin lightening treatment in Bangalore, you can find a huge range of chemical and lightening products in the market. These products contain material like lactic acid, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, or retinol. All these materials are popular for their bleaching properties. The only thing with these skin lightening products is they will only give the results as long as you are using them. In short, results from these products are not everlasting. 

How to Get the Skin Lightening Treatment done?

The very first step is to schedule an appointment with the dermatologist of your choice but does not forget to visit his/her website. One must remember that these treatments would produce the desired result but do not expect any miracles. And after the consultation with the dermatologist, you can go for the treatment, which is under your budget, requirement, and health. 

Is everyone suitable for skin whitening treatment?

No, everyone is not suitable for investing in these skin whitening treatments. Those who are not suitable for this treatment are listed below. 

  • Anyone is having cold sores or fever.
  • Individuals are having a history of heart-related disorders.
  • People with really dark skin tone. 

Tips to Maintain the Longevity of Skin Lightening Treatment:

  • Leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Use good sun protection or sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. 
  • Follow a basic skin routine of CTM in the morning and night. 
  • Choose maintenance sessions from time to time. 
  • Hydrate your body and hydrate your skin by drinking enough water.