Best Skin Care Routine For 2020

It’s 2020, ladies (and gentlemen, of course)!  One of the most common new year’s resolutions every year is: “this year, i promise to take care of my skin more”. Skin care has changed its face over the course of recent years and we now have a variety of brands catering to different types of skin – oily, normal, dry or combination. In addition, a lot of skin clinics offering services to different clienteles are becoming more common. With famous celebrity endorsers carrying their flags, they have become increasingly popular in the market. Whether this is your first time to take skin care seriously, there is always a skin care routine that will work for you. You can consult a skin clinic to find what suits your skin type. With all the opposing views on skin care (moisturizer or no moisturizer, anyone?), how would you know which beauty tips to follow? Before you go to your favorite makeup/skin care store and restash that beauty box, have a quick look at the below’s FAB beauty tips for your skin care this 2020:


Skin care routines are not just for beauty experts, beauty vloggers, or artists – it’s for everyone! Everyone should have a routine that fits their lifestyles and works well with their current situation. For example, a mom of three may not have all the time in the world to do a “10 point Korean skin care routine” like a teenager would. She would, at best, probably have 30mins or less to take a bath and do her skin care routine before she needs to cook dinner. Because of this, she needs to come up with a routine that works best with her schedule. This may include plain and simple facial wash, with serum and sunblock and she’s all set. She can also throw in a once-a-week face mask after putting the kids to sleep! For a young professional working 8 hours a day and battling the stress of commuting and pollution, a skin care routine that involves sunblock with an appropriate level of SPF and a primer before make-up sounds suitable. A proper exfoliation over the weekends does not sound bad either. The point is, no matter who you are, where you are or what you do, there is always a skin care routine that fits your lifestyle, all you need to do is find it. 


Do not be fooled by the term affordable, it does not necessarily mean cheap, it only means buying skin care products that are within your budget and those that you can actually afford without breaking the bank. You can’t look fab if you’re starving! If you have a big budget and can afford to splurge on pricey skin care products (good for you!), then why not? But if you’re able to find skin care products that are lower in the price scale but comparable in terms of benefits, because these products exist, then all the better. You have just to be resourceful in looking for them and knowing where to find them. Online reviews and beauty tips from experts don’t just advertise expensive skin care products, they also include reviews and tips on how to use what they call “drugstore skincare products” or products that are easier on the budget. Just be extra careful in trying out some of these products and make sure you either know them as a trusted brand or their products have been previously certified as safe to use. Let’s not forget the most affordable beauty tip: sleep. It does not even need to be elaborated, because a lot of beauty sections in magazines and beauty vlogs on Youtube talk about the importance of having enough sleep to your skin care. The next time you’re tempted to click the “continue watching” button when Netflix asks if you’re still watching Modern Family, think again – an additional 30 minutes of sleep is what you might need for that zit to disappear.


Have you ever found yourself doing a skin care routine for the first 3 days only to find out you don’t have the energy to continue doing it anymore? That’s the next beauty tip – keep it basic and simple! A basic and simple skin care routine works best in time, because you will be able to do it consistently. Consistency is key in making sure you develop the habit of caring for your skin, whether you’re travelling, or coming in from a night out. Your skin care products may be the most expensive, most trusted and most well known in the market, if you can’t find the time and energy to consistently use them, they won’t work. They can’t just be sitting on your bathroom counter, they have to be on your face. 


A multitude of blogs dedicated to giving beauty tips and skin care routines are all over the internet. The million dollar question is – will they work for you? An effective skincare routine, no matter how you do it, only needs to be FAB – fits your lifestyle, affordable and basic. Effective skincare need not be hard, complicated and expensive, it just needs to be consistently FAB.

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