What Are Important Skills To Teach Your Dog

Dog training is a lifelong process, but there are some skills that are comparatively more important than others. You should think about different ways to master these important dog training skills. The right way of training will lay the foundation and help to learn your dog good behavior and companionship.

Whether you have a puppy or adopted a shelter dog, or want to train your adult dog, there are some important skills that you should teach your dog. Before starting training, it is very important to review the basics. 

You should be very patient, positive and use the right body language. Moreover, you should use the 10 to 15 minutes training session and add variety which will help your dog to respond quickly and reliably in different situations. Read the following steps and determine how to train your dog at home:

House Training Your Dog

1. Accepting Friendly Stranger

You should teach your dog to be friendly with a stranger. It is important to teach your stranger dog to be a handler in a natural and everyday situation. By teaching this skill, your dog will not show any sign of shyness or resentment.

2. Teach Your Dog To Sit

You should teach your dog to sit in a polite manner. It will give you more control over your dog in various different situations. By training your dog to sit properly, they will not be jumping on anyone and sit nicely. 

Usually, it is the first thing that you should teach your dog. Also, this skill is quite easy to teach. By training your dog the right skills, you can set your dog for success. 

When your dog will learn to sit and behave properly without any distractions, then you can easily take him out. You can train your dog at the reputed vet assistant schools.

3. Teach Your Dog to Stay

This command is difficult to teach, but it will help your dog to learn to sit in one place for a long. Otherwise, your dog will start following you or moving forward. It is very important to teach the city dogs because this command is useful while you are crossing busy streets with the dog. 

The strong stay behavior ensures that your dog does not jump over the street when there is high traffic. Stay command is really important to train to those dogs who easily get distracted.

4. Teach Your Dog to Lie Down

When you will be successful in teaching your dog to lie down, then you will be free to enjoy your daily activities. You do not need to constantly manage your dog. 

For instance, if you are going to the coffee shop with your friends, then your dog will settle next to you if you have taught them to lie down. Moreover, while having your meal, you can prevent your dog from begging at the table. 

This instruction will make your dog learn the manners. By learning this skill, your dog can easily stay in the lie-down position for long. 

Moreover, it helps you to calm down if they have gone over-excited. For some dogs, lying down is a very difficult cue to learn. Therefore, you should do experiment with different techniques so that you find the best one that works for your dog.  

5. Train Your Dog to Come When Called

Teaching this command to your dog will keep him safe from the dangers. If you are physically separated from the dog and you see any sign of danger near to your dog, then you can call back your dock by teaching this command. 

When your dog will learn this command, then your dog comes back to you as fast as possible after listening to this command. 

While teaching this command, you should reward your dog with something good. It is important to teach your dog how to come back when his master is calling. The best way to train your dog is to take admission at the dog grooming academy.

6. Train Your Dog to Leave It

Dogs are curious in nature and they are likely to pick everything through their mouth. No matter, what it is, they start to eat anything lying on the floor such as garbage, poop, antifreeze, chocolate, etc. 

You should work closely with your dog so that they understand the command to leave it. You should teach them to leave the item which they are holding in their mouth. 

You should start easy while teaching this to your dog. This command is difficult to teach and that’s why it is recommended to go slow and have patience. You should build a strong foundation and train your dog properly.  

Final Words

These are a few basic skills that you should teach to your dog. By training your dog, you can make your dog well-mannered.