Six Ways to Save Money Using Your Cable TV Service

Cable TV bills are always at the top of the expenses list at the end of the month. Cable service itself gets to the top of the list when you calculate your monthly expenses and these can increase at an enormous rate. This means that you can get a cable TV bill that can go somewhere from $50 to around $70. I can assure you that these small charges and increased prices can become a pain for you in the long-run and you will end up getting left with less or no amount in your bank account by the end of the month. You can look at the following ways that can help you save on your cable TV bills: 


Let Go Of Premium Channel Subscriptions


Cable TV
Cable TV


This might be something very difficult if you love watching shows and movies on HBO. But look at this way, if you let go of your premium channels it will help you save around $20 on your monthly bills. Many providers offer more channels but these come with a separate price tag. So, you can let go of your premium channels that are there on your subscription and save a lot per month. You could be someone who can save around $50 per month on their bills.


Pare Down Your Cable Boxes


Your Premium channels aren’t the only things that you should get rid of. If you get yourself a piece of separate equipment, you can get a few things for yourself. This can include a cable box or cable boxes too. These might cost you around $3 – $12 for a month. So it is a good idea that you get rid of it.


Cut Off the DVR Service


Does it happen to you that you miss your favorite show because you are on a schedule or you skipped your favorite show because you were too tired? You can view your news and other live content on the news station’s website as well. How is that going to help you? You can trade-in your DVR service for a standard digital receiver. This will help you cut off an extra $10 or more of the total bill that you pay off throughout the month.


Downgrade Your Monthly Plan and Save Even More


Getting down to a low-cost cable package and including networks that you need can save you around $40 every month. This is something that you might experience with almost every provider. There is also a chance that you won’t even have to let go of your extra channels as well if you are using the spectrum silver channel list that has all the channels that you will enjoy at an affordable rate. This can be something more than their actual need. So it is a waste of time to get so many channels if you are going to watch something less than half of it.


Research before Agreeing To Pay Anything


It is one of the best practices if you want to save some money. Get in touch with your cable service provider or their representative and get more accurate information. All you need to do is talk to the customer services representative by dialing in a toll-free number on the website. For instance, if you look up Spectrum Customer Service, you can find a customer service number. You can call on that number and connect with your provider’s customer service number. You will witness that you are also provided with major insights and information each fee charged on your bill.


Some of these charges or fees lie in a category that you have to pay no matter what. But there are also many services and costs that you can minimize. These can be prices or fees that you have to pay for services like HD technology, equipment that you get from your service provider and so forth.


Use Bundled Cable TV, Internet and Home Phone


Pairing your cable and internet service with some providers will save you more than $1,000 over two years. But here, you have to act a little smarter and shouldn’t run into bundling for services that you do not want to utilize. This means that you should not add up cable packages if you only need local networks or high-speed internet and home phone service. This is for you to watch your movies or shows on Netflix. This might work for everybody but not for you, so it is not wise to measure everything with the same yardstick. A good practice is that you can look out for Double Plays as well when looking for bundled services, offers, and think out of the box.


Key Takeaways


These practices and hacks will help you cut down expenses and get you the best Cable TV deals and even bundled packages to help you save more. You can become creative and add more to ways to save money and get services at the best rates. You can also save more by talking to one of the customer service representatives and negotiating on the bills. Also, this can help you know more about promotions, packages and other offerings that the service providers offer to the users.