Six Traits to Look for in a Recruitment Consultant

For people looking for a job, sometimes the best option is to find an expert agency offering recruitment as a service in the right industry. One that has experience and expertise and the right connections and network so you can find a job you want and can do well in. Often job hunting feels like you are just moving from one interview to another, having your CV thrown into one pile then another, with no real prospects or connection. When you are one of many, even hundreds or thousands looking for a job, it is hard to stand out. With a consultant backing you, helping with your CV, your expectations and offering more options, job hunting becomes a lot less stressful and more successful.

What to look for in a recruitment consultant

  1. Has a real interest in you – Sometimes a recruitment agency Galway does not really spend much time getting to know those in their database, you are just a name that may or may not meet certain needs for their business clients. Having someone take an interest in you and your skills and needs in a real way is a great thing.  
  2. Understands what the employees are looking for – A good recruitment consultant does not just make false promises of dream jobs and then leave you disappointed. Some make such exaggerations to attract more job seekers to bulk up their database for clients to choose from. You need to look for ones who are honest about the current job market and about the industry you are interested in. They will tell you about the specific requirement their clients have, understand the demands of the job and make sure you are well informed. 
  3. Have a good knowledge of the market – You are always going to do better with an agency that understands the niche or area you want to work in. Avoid places that only offer standard job descriptions. You should know exactly what the position is and requires so you can make a better decision. 
  4. Happy to answer questions – Look for an agency that has staff that are happy to talk to you, answer your questions, and does not brush you off. They should answer you honestly from the real pay amount to all the other details you need to know.  They should give you a realistic estimate on how long it might take to get you work, and whether it will be full-time or temp.
  5. Gives good advice – A good agency that offers recruitment as a service should offer good advice that can help. From improving interview performance to skills you should add to your CV, the CV itself and more. Too often some will give job hunters false promises or impressions. A good one will tell you how you compare to other candidates in their database to give you a better chance at improving your odds.  
  6. Answers your emails and calls – There are some agencies who will only contact you when they need you. They might not even acknowledge your CV. You should choose a recruitment consultant that answers your calls or emails or calls when they say they will.

This article is penned by Jenny for Schwarz & Vogel a company that are leading recruitment consultants. To get in touch with them or to know more about them visit on their G Page.