Six Tips for a Fast WordPress Website

Having a fast WordPress website is crucial if you want to increase conversion rates. A slow website frustrates online users and potential buyers alike. According to a recent survey, a website with more than 32% lag is nine times more likely to have visitors leave within two minutes. A slow website increases bounce rates by as much as 90%. Here are six tips for making your WordPress website as fast as possible. 

Before making any big changes to your website, make sure to consult with your web developer or have one to help you with this project. As important as it is to speed up your website, make sure you have backups ready in case. 

Using a modern web server

Using a modern web server for WordPress is a must. Using an old web server can slow down your website. PHP is a popular script language, but outdated versions are not scalable. PHP 7 is a much faster version than PHP 5.2. Using an optimized server with newer software will also reduce your website’s CPU usage and database overhead. Several popular web server options can help you speed up WordPress.

Choose a web server that is based in a data center that is closest to your target market. This will allow you to deliver your website’s content as quickly as possible. Choose a data center that has multiple locations, or sign up with several hosting providers and use them all. This way, you’ll only need one login and dashboard. Different hosting providers offer different services and plans.

Using a fast theme

If you’re planning to use WordPress to build your website, then you’ll need to find a fast theme. The fastest themes are made with small file sizes, which decreases loading times and page size. Faster themes also contain less code, less CSS files, and less javascript, which makes them easier to load. And, if you want your visitors to stay on your site longer, they’ll appreciate the fast loading time.

Astra is the most popular theme for WordPress. It’s incredibly customizable and includes dozens of page elements. And its real-time customizer lets you edit your content efficiently. You can also choose from more than 180 starter templates. With Astra, you can build any type of website with ease. The theme also uses the latest technologies, including self-hosted Google Fonts, to improve the speed of the website.

Disabling external scripts

Using minification is a good way to decrease the size of your html code while still maintaining the same look and feel. This process also removes unnecessary scripts and lines in your code. Having less code means a smaller overall website. To minify your CSS and JavaScript, look for tutorials and plugins. To get started, visit W3 Total Cache’s help page.

Using a caching plugin

If you’re looking for a simple way to speed up your WordPress website, you may want to consider using a caching plugin. Using a caching plugin will eliminate many of the steps involved in fetching and serving pages to your visitors. WordPress is a dynamic content management system, meaning that it runs several processes before it can send the page to a visitor’s browser. This makes your website take longer to load, but a caching plugin can help you skip many of those steps. It works by making a copy of the page when it first loads and serving that copy to subsequent users.

Using a caching plugin for achieving a faster WordPress website is as simple as installing a new plugin in the WordPress admin console. To install a caching plugin, simply log in to your WordPress website’s administration console and go to Plugins, Add New. Once there, you can choose the caching plugin that’s right for you. There are several different caching plugins available for WordPress, each with its own benefits and budget-friendly price tag. After you’ve installed your new plugin, you can optimize your site’s page load time and content optimization. You can also increase the speed of your WordPress website by purchasing quality hosting.

Disabling emojis

While emojis are a wonderful way to express emotions, they don’t always have a place on a fast wordpress website. Even though WordPress supports emojis natively, this feature adds unnecessary code bloat to your site and decreases page speed. Using the Google PageSpeed Insight tool will help you determine exactly how much emoji support is affecting your site.

You may also be wondering how to disable emojis on a fast WordPress website. First, you need to disable the script used to display the emojis on a page. It can weigh up to 4.8 KB and take as much as 300ms to load. However, a premium plugin called perfmatters can help you achieve a similar result without affecting your page’s performance.