Six steps to creating a vCard QR code!

How can we turn a static business card into a vCard QR code? How well does it adapt to everyday use?

Business cards frequently reflect a person and their company. Using a QR code maker to create QR codes on business cards is a new yet efficient marketing technique.

Many people exchange business cards at networking, corporate events, or meetings to encourage follow-up.

A business card is also frequently requested when discussing future engagement.

After scanning the QR code, users can receive text, add vCard contacts, view a URL, or create an email or text message.

What is a vCard QR Code?

When scanned, a vCard QR code displays your contact information on the scanner’s screen.

Instead of a standard business card, the customer can scan the QR code and instantly download your contact information to their smartphone.

It conveys not only the person’s contact information but also their values. The card’s design shows professionalism and quality.

How to Make a QR Code for a vCard

  • Visit
  • In the menu, select the Vcard.
  • Enter your necessary/personal information.
  • Make your QR code unique.
  • Try to test your QR code.
  • Download and print.

What data can you save when creating a vCard QR code for your business card?

  • The Vcard holder’s name
  • Title of the business Mobile number (private and work and mobile)
  • Street, City, Zip Code, Fax, Email
  • State, Country, personal description, profile picture, social media profiles, and more!

Making a large number of vCard QR codes

You can also generate vCard QR codes for your employees or workers in bulk.

When generating hundreds or thousands of vCard QR codes at once, the bulk vCard QR code solution is appropriate.

vCard QR Codes on Business Cards

You can use the QR code generator tool to create vCard QR codes. Personal and digital information can be included when making. Company websites or social media profiles are examples of digital information.

When scanned, the result would allow the scanner to immediately store the information or share it with others who could benefit from it.

QR codes are added into business card designs to complement the purpose of the typical 23-inch card, making networking easier.

The connection may send all of your contact info toward the other person’s smartphone by printing vCard QR codes on business cards. This way, it can make the process even more efficient and convenient for both sides.

Other Outstanding Advantages of vCard QR Codes

1. Direct linkage to an online resume

Both business people and job seekers use QR codes. You can also use QR codes on business cards to link directly to an online CV or profile.

Instead of providing contact information, you can send them to your LinkedIn page or a PDF copy of your resume.

When you are looking for work, your prospective employer must remember you. They can save your profile in their candidate database more easily by adding QR codes.

2. Show your creativity

A regular business card may not be the greatest method to showcase your inherent creativity if you are a creative genius.

Using the power of a QR code unleashes your potential, allowing you to showcase new animation, creative illustration, outstanding graphics, and even brilliant paintings.

3. Eye-catching Business Card

If there is one more significant advantage that QR codes provide, it is their attention-grabbing function, which regular cards cannot match.

4. Establishing contacts with future consumers

The inclusion of QR codes on your business cards has the potential to strengthen your relationship with your consumers.

No doubt leveraging marketing content such as online videos, blogs, and even podcasts improves the customer experience and allows the customer to learn more about your company.